WPX Hosting Review: The Information You Need


Are you looking for a hosting provider? Here, you will get to know about WPX hosting that will improve the performance of your websites.

WPX hosting

Your website’s capabilities are very crucial for your online business. If you have a well-designed website that offers an excellent user experience, but if it loads slowly then, visitors will go away. We don’t want our SEO to drop down after all. There will be few conversions, and the ranking will go down as well.

This is where WPX hosting has a role to play. It has a significant impact on your website’s speed. With WPX hosting your websites, the search engine rankings of your sites will improve. WPX hosting offers extremely great value for WordPress users.

If you are looking to host a couple of websites without forfeiting flexibility and performance, WPX is the hosting provider you are looking for. It is a scalable, powerful, and reliable web hosting option with great technical support.

WPX WordPress Hosting

Whether you are a blogger or running a business, choosing a web hosting company is not an easy job. Especially when there are a lot of options available in the market. WPX is a managed WordPress host, which can only be used for your WordPress websites. It is a new managed WordPress hosting provider that is a great choice for your WordPress websites and blogs. You get an optimized WordPress environment which makes your progress easier. 


WPX hosting is a fully managed hosting service provider for WordPress sites. To improve the speed and performance of your sites, it uses advanced technology such as CDN and SSD storage. It offers a guaranteed uptime of 99.95 percent, which makes it a reliable web hosting company. Here are the features of WPX hosting that distinguish it from others.

These are discussed below:

  • Fast speed

WPX hosting offers premium managed WordPress hosting that focuses on providing fast load times for your websites. The sites that are hosted on WPX hosting offer a great speed to the consumers. The speed of your website matters a lot as far as the conversion rate is concerned. If your site loads pages in less than 2 seconds then, consumers will stay longer.

This will give the users a great site experience, and the ranking of your website will also improve. Websites containing heavy images and plugins can lack speed. With WPX hosting, your WordPress sites with images and plugins will load quickly.

  • Performance

WPX hosting uses the latest version of CDN (content delivery network) to provide excellent performance. It has three data centers in different locations. With the built-in CDN, when a user tries to load your website, the nearest server will retrieve the required files for users.

Server-level-caching is one thing that is not included in WPX hosting. This is quite different for managed WordPress hosts as all of them have an extremely good quality built-in server-level caching solution. This is not a big deal, as you can fix this issue with a caching plugin.

  • Dashboard experience

The dashboard of the WPX web hosting service provider is a customized one. It helps in managing your WordPress sites, but there is no cPanel. The dashboard of this web hosting company is not that user-friendly as compared to its competitors. It offers all the plugins and distinguishing features that most websites require.

After signing in to the dashboard, you will see all the different services. There are plenty of tools that allow you to access your websites and control them. Many features can be activated with a few clicks and do not require to be operated by a technical user. You do not need to have great programming skills. It suits beginners very well.

  • Security

If you talk about security, WPX hosting offers a custom web firewall that blocks threats proactively. To ensure that there is no malware in your data files, a malware scan is done daily.

Also, it’s easy to install SSL certificates that come free with the subscription you buy. WPX hosting also offers DDoS protection, which is a service like Cloudflare. Sometimes, if the malware is strong enough to get into your files, WPS hosting offers free and unlimited malware removal. With WPX WordPress hosting, your site remains secure and protected. If somehow it gets infected then, this hosting provider will clean your website.

  • Backups

Websites always have a threat of malware attempts. These attacks can crash down a website, and all the important data will just vanish away. It is very crucial to make sure that your WordPress sites are backed up regularly. WPX hosting scans your websites, cleans the malware if detected, and creates a backup.

The backups created with WPX hosting are stored on a different server so that you could restore the previous version of your website if something goes wrong. You can also backup your website manually. With backups, you will not lose a huge amount of data.

  • Staging Area

With WPS hosting, your websites can be easily edited and updated. You just need to create a copy of your WordPress site by using the staging area. While your actual website is still live, you can test new features by implementing them onto the staging site.

Once the testing is done successfully, you can add new features to your actual website by merging the staging site with it. With staging, your website offers a seamless user experience with the newly added features. When you have created the staging site, new blog posts will remain on your actual website.

  • Support

Technical support plays a crucial role. A reliable web hosting company offers quality technical support. Every user cannot go with the flow. It does not matter how much easy-to-use dashboard a hosting provider offers; beginners can ask queries. WPX hosting provides 24/7 technical assistance to all its users. The support team has professionals who are knowledgeable enough to help you in resolving issues.

Pricing Plans

WPX WordPress hosting offers three packages. The pricing plan is listed below:

  • The business plan costs $20.83 per month on a 1-year subscription.
  • The professional plan costs $41.58 per month on a yearly subscription.
  • The elite plan costs $83.25 per month on a yearly subscription.
  • All the plans are with a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Pros and Cons


Here are the advantages you get with WPX web hosting company:

  • Responsive technical support.
  • Cost-effective subscription plans.
  • A wide array of servers in different locations.
  • Daily backups with malware scanning.
  • Prices are fixed, and there are no hidden charges.


Now, have a look at the cons:

  • No cPanel.
  • The user interface is a bit technical.


If you are looking for a super cost-effective, but highly top-notch quality, then WPX hosting is the right option for you. The reason is, you get premium performance and support. But definitely, there are some cons as well. So it’s up to you to make the right decision.

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WPX Hosting— one of the highly feature-rich, fully-manged WordPress hosting services. It uses highly advanced technology, including, SSD storage and a custom.

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