WP Rocket Review: is it the Best WordPress Caching Plugin?


The speed of your website plays a very important role in your rankings. If your website is slow, it will become difficult to rank for competitive keywords.
The problem is that it is not easy to tweak your website to speed it up. However, the plugin we will highlight today can help you with the same. It goes by the name of WP rocket.

That is why our WP rocket review below will dig deeper into the details of this plugin to help you understand whether it is worth installing or not.

What is WP Rocket?

WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin that speeds up your website. Using this plugin, you can tweak multiple settings of your website like the image loading technique, the image compression technique, and so on. With these optimizations, it becomes easier to load your website faster. When that happens, you’re sure to gain in search engine rankings.

Features of WP Rocket:

If you really want to increase the speed of your website, it is important to look at the features of WP rocket. That is what we will highlight below.

Speeds up core vitals:

The speed of your website will be dependent on the files of your website. Not only that, but it will also depend on how the files load.
With the help of this plugin, you will be able to minify those files. You will be able to optimize the CSS loading process as well.

Different JavaScripts are also possible with the help of this plugin.
Since you can optimize the setting of your website, it becomes easier for you to improve your website core vitals. When that happens, your website will certainly load faster.
All this, without having to manually tweak the settings. That is why, even if you do not have the technical knowledge to increase the speed of your website, this plugin can still help you.

Extremely convenient to use:

Many plugins can increase the speed of your website. The problem is that most of those plugins require you to go into the technicalities of the same. You will have to search about every setting and after that understand how to tweak it. That is undoubtedly pretty complex.
On the other hand, WP rocket allows you to select eleven options. When you choose appropriate options, it optimizes your website’s loading accordingly.
It means that it is incredibly convenient to use. You do not need any technical knowledge to use this plugin either.
The ease of use is one of the primary reasons to go with WP rocket.

Responsive customer support team:

We understand that even though it is easy to use but sometimes, you might have a question or two. If these questions are not answered, you might not use the plugin appropriately.
In some cases, if you have questions before opting for the plugin, you might not be able to convince yourself regarding the plugin as well.
To answer all search queries, there is a responsive customer support team. The customer support team can make it very easy to gain appropriate information.
The turnaround time of the customer support team is pretty quick. That is why you won’t have to wait for weeks just to get a reply.

Cache optimization:

Cache files form a pretty significant part of the overall website size. If you can optimize the cache files, you will be able to load your website faster.
The advantage of WP rocket is that it creates cache versions in the visitor’s browser. That is why, when you get repeat visitors to your website, the browser will load the cached version of your website. That will reduce the loading time. It will also reduce the amount of data that your visitor needs to load the page or any post.
There is also a site map-based preloading option. It can easily detect and preload the site maps. If the website consists of thousands of pages, the loading of the site map can also take some time. With the help of this preloading feature, that time will be saved.
The multiple caching features of this plugin certainly make it efficient.

Compatible with ecommerce themes:

Even though WP rocket is built for WordPress, it can work well with woocommerce. It means that if you have an e-commerce store, you can easily optimize that with the help of WP rocket.
Not only that, it detects the presence of e-commerce scripts on your website automatically. Due to the same, it can exclude the checkout and cart pages from optimization. That provides your shoppers with a seamless experience for e-commerce stores.
The exclusion of these pages also means that it won’t interfere with the woo commerce settings.
Thus, WP rocket wouldn’t give you a problem in terms of compatibility.

Works with themes and plugins:

The bigger the plugin, the more will be its loading time and that will certainly slow down your website. If you want to test the plugin which can speed up your website, it is essential to choose one which can work with any theme or plugin.
WP rocket does that. Even if you have heavy themes, it will optimize them all. Not only that, it can optimize a website with thousands of pages as well. That is why speeding up your website is possible.
It does not interfere with any plugin. Whether you have a Seo plugin on your website or a contact form plugin on your website, this plugin can work with all of them and more. It can speed up your website despite all those plugins and themes.
The excellent compatibility of the WP rocket certainly makes it worth installing.

Setup in 3 minutes:

If you’re using a plugin to speed up your website for the first time, it might easily take you an hour to install the plugin and select all the settings. It can be pretty cumbersome and require you to perform multiple Google searches. Even after that, you might not understand all the technicalities.
WP Rocket, on the other hand, is different. You will be able to set it up in under three minutes. Also, every option is self-explanatory. Due to the same, there is no need to search on Google regarding various terms to increase the speed of your website.

Media optimization:

WP rocket allows you to create a cache of image files as well. That is why the next time your visitor loads your website, it will load the images from their browser rather than from your server. In that case, the loading time of the website is decreased significantly.
Since it compresses the size of the images, even when a visitor visits your website for the first time, they will be able to load up the images pretty quickly. That is why; your website can easily load in under two seconds as long as your server speed is up to the park.

CDN compatibility:

CDN is pretty important to increase the speed of your website. It saves the file of your website on various servers all over the world. The visitor can download or access these files from the nearest server. That way, the loading time is less.
The easy CDN compatibility ensures that you will not have to go into the technicalities of the CDN once again.
WP Rocket can speed up your website on multiple counts with all the necessary features on offer. Before you decide about it, take a look at the pros and cons.


Depending on the number of websites which you have, WP rocket offers you different plans like:

  • The single plan is suitable for one website, will cost you $49, and will support you for one year.
  • The plus plan will cost you $99 and allow you to install the plugin on three websites. You can opt for support and update for a single year.
  • The infinite plan will cost you $249. It allows you to install the plugin on unlimited websites and provide one year of supports and updates.

    Considering that this plugin can single-handedly improve the rankings of your website, it is worth it. Since it offers you multiple ways to increase the speed of your website, the plugin is worth it.

Who is WP Rocket suitable for?

WP rocket can undoubtedly help you out. It does not matter whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, or an agency. It can speed up all websites. It is even compatible with e-commerce stores.
In a nutshell, if you’re looking to get your website to be quicker, increase the rankings of your website, and provide a seamless user experience, WP Rocket is the perfect plugin for you.


  • Multiple ways to speed up your website
  • Easy to install
  •  Improves vital core metrics
  • Aids you in rankings
  • Improves user experience
  • Compatible with most themes and plugins


  • Limited support articles

Conclusion of this WP Rocket review

You need not struggle to increase the speed of your website. With the help of this plugin, it is indeed effortless for you to do so. Since it offers you multiple ways to speed up your website, WP rocket is certainly a plugin that you cannot ignore. If you are in two minds regarding this plugin to increase the speed of your website, you should go with WP rocket.

We hope that this WP Rocket review was helpful and if you got any questions, feel free to ask in the comments

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