WeDevs Review: Will Their Plugins Empower Your Website?


The power of WordPress or woocommerce is in the plugins which it has. Fortunately, these days, quite a few private companies are developing various plugins. 

WeDevs is one such company and this weDevs review will highlight the features of these WordPress plugins and their pricing to provide you with a holistic view of their offerings.

What is weDevs?

WeDevs is a plugin development company. It develops plugins for woocommerce as well as WordPress. They have multiple plugins which they have already released. That is why you get a ready choice of plugins.
With over 17 different plugins totaling 8.5 million+ downloads, it is undoubtedly a company with an excellent track record.
Now that you know what exactly is weDevs, it is time to look at the features of this company and the plugins they have on offer.

Features of weDevs:

weDevs has a lot on offer. Once you go through the feature list below, knowing about the same is easy.

Multiple plugins on offer

One of the primary advantages of weDevs is that it offers multiple plugins. Some of the most popular plugins include

Dokan Multivendor

Dokan Multivendor allows you to create a multivendor marketplace on woocommerce. That is why, if you want to launch an e-commerce website where others can sell, this plugin can help you make such a platform

WP User Frontend

The plugin we are highlighting now allows you to manage every feature of your site from the front end. Whether you want to build registration forms, profiles, subscription forms, or contact forms, you can do all that and more.
It means that this plugin can undoubtedly make your life easier as a WordPress website owner.

WP Project Manager

Want to collaborate with your team through a WordPress website?
If so, this project manager plugin can undoubtedly help you. It has a time management tool. That way, your team can meet the deadlines easily. Not only that, you can easily organize various tasks as well as projects. That is why it becomes easier for you to get work done.
There are various layouts that this plugin has on offer, like a task list, calendar, files tab, kabana, and so on. You can easily organize the projects in the way which you want.

Thus, if you want to create your project manager, this plugin can help you out.


This plugin provides you with various tools like an HR management interface, CRM tools, and accounting tools. There is a total of 20+ tools on offer. The project management module is included. That is why, from a single dashboard, you can easily manage your entire organization.

These are just some of the most popular plugins by weDevs. There are numerous others as well.

Excellent support

One of the main advantages of weDevs is that it offers you multiple support channels. You can speak with them through email or live chat and even the contact form on the website.
The good news is that all channels are pretty responsive. That is why getting a reply on any of them is easy.
If you have any questions, the support executives can resolve them in no time.

Large team

When a private developer tries to create such plugins, they will need a large team. The advantage of weDevs is that it has 98+ executives on its board. That is why you can be sure that the plugins will receive timely updates. It also means that the support team is pretty large, and you can resolve your queries in no time.

Over 300k+ customers

You might think, wouldn’t weDevs have a lot of customers if their plugins are so good?
Yes, they have!
They have over 300,000 customers. Also, their customers are spread across 160 countries or more. This speaks volumes regarding the credibility of weDevs. That is why, if you’re wondering if the plugins are trustworthy or not, you have your answer.

Now that you know the features of weDevs, it is time to look at the pricing.

weDevs pricing

The best thing about weDevs is that it allows you to buy every plugin separately. You don’t need to buy the entire bundle.

We will highlight below the cost of the plugins:

  • Dokan Multivendor is available for free in the basic version. However, you might have to go for the paid versions if you want to add features like delivery time, vendor management, reports, and analytics. The paid version varies from $149/year up to $999/year, depending on the number of sites you need to use it on. The $149 one provides you with a one-site license, and the $999 one provides you with a 20 site license.
  • WP User Frontend also has a free plan. If you need advanced fields, you can go with the $49 per year plan suitable for a single site. There is also a business plan which will cost you $159 and provides you with a 15 site license.

    What is better than that?

  • Since it offers you free plugins as well, you need not worry about its pricing.

Is weDevs suitable for you?

weDevs is ideal for everyone who wants to make their WordPress or woocommerce website more powerful. With these plugins, you can certainly make your life easier as a website owner. With affordable and free plans available, the plugins by weDevs are a no-brainer.

We will now go into the pros and cons of weDevs.


  • Cost-effective
  • Trusted developers
  • Over 100,000 customers
  • Excellent support
  • Plugins for almost everything
  • Easy to use plugins


  • Multisite licenses are a bit expensive

Final verdict

Thus, when you want to add some functionality to your WordPress or woocommerce website, the plugins by weDevs can undoubtedly help you. While other developers might charge you a lot, weDevs provides you with the free plan as well. Considering these factors, weDevs is worth a try.

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