TranslatePress Review: Why Is It The Best Translating Plugin


Translating your website is not an easy task. The task becomes more complex when you need to translate the front-end in near real-time. There are a few plugins for the same, but most are not up to the mark.
To help you cater to a multilingual audience, we will review a plugin to help you with such translation. It goes by the name of TranslatePress. While choosing such a plugin, it is essential to know as much as you can about it. That is why our TranslatePress review can help you out.

What is TranslatePress?

Translate press is a WordPress plugin that can translate your website directly from the front end. You won’t have to worry about making code modifications to translate your website.
While the premise of this plugin is undoubtedly promising, without taking a look at its features, choosing it would be a mistake. That is why we will cover the features below.

Front end translation

As highlighted above, the translation happens from the front end. You won’t have to worry about translating in the editor and, after that previewing the translations before making them live.
It supports various site builders as well as woocommerce.
This is another reason to go for it.
The front-end translation certainly makes things easy and reduces errors.

Automated translation

The plugin allows you to accelerate the translation process using Google Translate or DeepL. Only when you find that either of these cannot translate a particular part can you intervene in the translation process. Automated translation means that no matter how much content you have on your website, you won’t devote a lot of time to translate it.

Self-hosted plugin

The plugin is self-hosted. When manually intervening in the translation process, you will store all the data on your servers. Even after the license expires, your website will work perfectly fine if you do not renew it.
The self-hosted design of this plugin certainly makes it easy to use.

Works with any theme

Whether you are using a minimalistic theme or a heavy theme, it doesn’t make any difference. The plugin works with all of them. Since you have manual control over the translation process, you can modify it according to your requirement.
It won’t hamper the working of other plugins. That means you won’t have to worry about installing any additional plugins to make this plugin work.
Once you install it and activate it, you won’t have any issues with the operation of your website.

Visual translation interface

You can easily examine your website’s element-by-element translation through the visual interface it offers. If you find that the translation provided isn’t up to the mark, you can edit it manually.
You can easily check how the website will appear in front of visitors during this process. Since you get a visitor’s point of view, you will know right away whether the translation will work fine for the visitors or not. This certainly eliminates a lot of errors.

SEO-friendly translation

A translation plugin must adhere to SEO standards. Otherwise, you risk losing your rankings once you start using that plugin.
Fortunately, translate press is Seo-friendly. It supports page titles, meta descriptions, social media information, page URLs, etc. It also supports multilingual site maps. No need to uninstall your favorite Seo plugin to make this one work.
It also ensures that you won’t lose your rankings because you have installed this plugin.

Supports over 200 languages

While choosing a translation plugin, it is essential to know the number of languages it can support. Only when it can support a considerable number, choosing that plugin is worth it.
The best thing about this plugin is that it can support over 100 different languages. It means that no matter where your visitors come from, they can choose a language which they understand pretty well. That way, you can gain a global audience with the help of this plugin.

Easy to control the translation process

Even though this plugin provides automated translation, you still have the final say.
Since you have editorial control, you can decide when these translations go live. You can edit manually if you think that they aren’t up to the mark.
Only when you’re sure that the translation is perfect can you go ahead and publish it.

Dynamic string support

To optimize the user experience and offer them dynamic content, you might have to use dynamic strings from time to time. This is especially true when personalizing your website according to the visitor.
The best thing about translate press is that it also supports dynamic strings. You won’t have to deal with these strings manually.

Language selection menu available

When you want to give multiple language options to your users, you have to provide them with a menu to select the desired language.
You can provide these menus in the form of a floating menu, individual window, or a shortcode in your post that provides them with such a menu.
The plugin allows the users or visitors to choose the language they prefer. That way, you can hand over more control to the visitors and enhance the user experience, which will benefit your business.

Ability to check translation quality

This plugin’s visual interface provides you with the translation sidebar on the left, and the page appears on the right. However, many times you might want to look at the website exactly as the visitors view it.
Do not worry!
The plugin offers you that as well.
There is a browse as an option that allows you to view your website according to the different users who visit your website. For example, you can view it like a logged-in user or a first-time visitor. That way, you can double-check your website and the translation text before taking your website live.

Block based translation available

The website can include large blocks of text. With any other plugin, translating these text blocks is no easy task.
When using translate press, you need not worry about translating these blocks separately. The reason for the same is that you can join multiple blocks with translation strings. After that, you can translate them in a single go. No matter how much content or how large content you have on your website, translate press can make it easy to translate it.

Automatic language detection

A critical feature of a translation plugin is to directly display the website in the language the visitor understands well.
Translate press offers an automatic language detection feature. This feature considers the default language in the visitor’s browser or the visitor’s IP address to translate the website in the language they understand. Due to the same, your visitor will have a seamless experience.

Large cache of support articles

Translate press has a small learning curve. That is why the developers provide numerous support articles to solve most of your queries.
Their customer support is also pretty responsive. If the support articles do not help you, you can directly contact their customer support and resolve your queries.

With so many features, there is not an iota of doubt that translate press has the edge over other translation plugins. Before you decide about this plugin, look at the pricing below.

Pricing Plans:

The best feature of translate press is that it provides you with different plans according to your need.

  • The personal plan will cost you € 79 per year, and you can use it on a single website. Apart from the usual features, it offers you a Seo Pack add-on in multiple languages.
  • The business plan will cost you € 139 per year, and you can use the plugin on three different websites. In addition to the features of the above plan, you get the browse as a feature, navigation based on language add-on.
  • The developer plan will cost € 199 per year, and you can use this plugin on unlimited websites. The features of the business plan and the developer plan are almost similar. They both provide access to all future updates as well. However, the developer plan allows you to use the plugin on unlimited websites.

Considering the numerous benefits which it offers, translate press is reasonably priced. It is time-saving and money-saving in the longer term.

Free plan of Translate Press

Translate Press does include a free plan that is a great way for new users to check out the full potential of this plugin before committing.
here is the list of features in comparison to the paid plans:

100% No-risk money back guarantee

If you’ll happen to not be satisfied with Translate Press, you have to option to get a full 100% refund ONLY in the first 15 days after the purchase.
since none of us are fans of buying stuff we don’t need, it’s good to not commit until satisfied with what we get for our money

Who is Translate Press suitable for?

Simply put, translate press is suitable for anyone serious about their website. Even if you receive 5% non-English-speaking visitors, translate press is a necessity for your website.
Anyone serious about increasing the conversion rate and providing a better user experience to their visitors needs to opt for translate press.

During our research for this translate press review, we uncovered tons of features of this plugin that can benefit your website immensely. It is as versatile and as necessary as a plugin can get.


  • Free version
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Supports numerous languages
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Works with the woocommerce
  • Responsive customer support
  • Easy to translate large blocks of text
  • Ability to add it manually
  • Speedy translation
  • Affordable plans
  • Supports dynamic strings


  • Support could be a bit faster.

Final verdict Of This TranslatePress Review

There is no need to lose visitors or sales because your website is unavailable in other languages. It is time to go with translate press and provide a seamless experience to your non-English-speaking visitors. Once you tap into this audience, your business and profits will grow exponentially, which certainly makes translate press worth opting for.
We hope you found this TranslatePress review helpful.

We hope this TranslatePress review helped and answered all of your questions!

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