ShortPixel Review: best plugin to compress and optimize pictures?


Without using images on your website, it is very difficult to make it interactive. However, the more images you use, the more you will slow down your website. It happens when you do not compress the images.
The problem is that doing so is not easy. If you try to do that manually, it will take you hours. A much better option is to use a plug-in like shortpixel. It claims to help you reduce the size of the images and speed up your website.
However, does it do what it claims?
Our shortpixel review today will answer this question.

What is ShortPixel?

ShortPixel is a plug-in that helps you compress and reduce the size of the images on your website. It helps you optimize the same so that your website can load faster.

A single look at the website of ShortPixel will help you understand that it does so without affecting the quality of the image. That is why the image will appear the same to the normal reader or the visitor. However, the optimization and the compression happen on the back end, which speeds up your website.

Only when you take a look at the features of this plug-in will you understand what it does and whether it is effective or not.

Features of ShortPixel:

ShortPixel attempts to cater to all your image compression needs. That is why; it has numerous features on offer.

Quick image compression:

If you attempt to compress the images by hand, not only is it cumbersome to do so, but you will have to deal with various technicalities as well. ShortPixel, on the other hand, automates the entire process of image compression. You can compress images in batches as well. That way, even if you’re dealing with hundreds of images, you will be able to compress them quite quickly.

Moreover, since you can easily select the level of compression, you can decide how much you want to reduce the size without impacting the quality. That way, even though the image compression process is quick and automated, you still have some control over it.

Reduces bandwidth consumption:

One of the main benefits of reducing the size of the image is to reduce bandwidth consumption. For example, a 2 MP image loaded 100 times will take much more bandwidth than a 100 KB image loaded the same number of times.

When reducing the size of the images, you are also reducing the bandwidth consumption of your website.

When you’re just getting 20 to 30 visitors per day, it won’t matter much. However, when you start getting thousands of visitors per day, this reduction in bandwidth can save you money and improve your bottom line.

Maintains image quality:

Many other plug-ins can help you in reducing the image size. However, they reduce the image quality as well. Due to the same, the image will not look good enough, and in fact, you might not be able to use it on your website. There is no point in going with such plug-ins.

ShortPixel, on the other hand, maintains the quality. Since you also control the compression level, if you think that the quality is getting impacted below a certain threshold, you can select the settings accordingly. That way, maintaining the image quality when using ShortPixel is relatively easy.

Supports various image formats:

All that is great, but what kind of formats does it support?

This is a pretty common question you have to ask yourself when going with any image optimization plug-in.

Fortunately, ShortPixel supports various formats like:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • PDF
  • AVIF
  • WebP

Thus, it supports the most common image formats and the lesser-known ones. Irrespective of the type of image you use on your website, you will be able to compress it and reduce its size.

Automatic scaledown of images:

If you have this plug-in activated on your part, whenever you upload an image, it will automatically scale down the image. That way, you will not have to do anything manually. The entire process will happen on its own.

The integration process of the image with the post is similar. That is why you will not have to worry about changing everything when you activate this plug-in on your WordPress website.

Compatible with most other plug-ins:

When you’re installing any such plug-in, it is also essential to look at the compatibility of that plug-in. It should not happen that you install a particular plug-in, and your site breaks down.

Fortunately, the developers of ShortPixel have taken care of that. It works with next-gen WPML, as well as woocommerce.

It works with a host of other plug-ins as well. That is why, once you install ShortPixel, you will not have to worry about uninstalling any other plug-in. That way, it can be an addition to your website rather than hamper the working of your website. This in itself is a great feature since you can install this plug-in and resume using your website in the same way.

Automatic backup:

Images take up most of space on your website. Also, when an image gets deleted or suffers from any other problem, re-uploading it is not an easy task either. You might have to do that manually.

To avoid all of this, ShortPixel offers you automatic backup as well. That way, if you want to have a record of the images which you are using on your website, you will have that right away. It can certainly make your life easier when your website consists of hundreds of images.

Integration with cloudflare is possible:

 Reducing the size of the images on your website can certainly help you speed up your website. What can help even more is integrating your website with the content delivery network (CDN). That way, users can access your website quicker.

For the same, ShortPixel helps you with Cloudflare integration as well. You need not worry about manually editing or changing anything on your website to integrate it with Cloudflare.

The combination of smaller images and integration with Cloudflare ensures that your website becomes blazing fast.

One-click restore mechanism:

Even with the best intention, sometimes compressing the images can lead to errors or deterioration in the quality of the image. While this can happen in rare cases, for that as well, ShortPixel has a solution.

It offers you a one-click restore mechanism. So, if due for any reason, you want to restore the older version of the image, you will not have to manually search it in the backup or upload the image once again.

Using it as a one-click restore mechanism, you will be able to restore that image quite easily.

Excellent customer support:

ShortPixel offers 24/7 technical support. If you are facing any issues with plug-in, you can contact customer support and get a solution for the same. That way, you will no longer have to worry about searching online and spending hours trying to find a solution.

Aids conversion to JPEG:

JPEG is the most common image format. That is why; there will be instances when you would like to convert your image into this format.

For the same, the plug-in facilitates the conversion of GIFs and PNG to JPEG. Once you do so, you will have uniform image file format extensions. That will certainly help you manage the images on your website in a much better way.

In a nutshell, ShortPixel is a plug-in that can help you deal with images on your website in more ways than one. Before you look at the pros and cons of ShortPixel, it is time to look at the pricing plans

Pricing plans

The good news about this plug-in is that it charges you according to the number of optimized images. Pricing plans include:

  • You can optimize 100 images per month for absolutely free!
  • For 7000 images per month, you need to pay $4.99 per month.
  • For 16,000 images per month, you will be charged $8.33 per month.
  • For 55,000 images per month, you will be charged $24.99 monthly.
  • For 100,000 images per month, you will be charged $41.66 per month.
  • For 220,000 images per month, you will be charged $83.33 per month.
  • The plans keep on increasing in such a way till 16 million images per month will cost you $ 1000 per month.

The best thing about ShortPixel is that it charges you according to the number of images that you optimize. That is why; you need not pay extra needlessly. That is why it is one of the most economical image optimizer plug-ins which you can opt for.

Now some people dont prefer to rely on a monthly payment when it comes to image compressing because maybe their site doesnt need to use pictures on a regular basis and ShortPixel got you.
these picture packs never expire, you buy them and they stay with you, (down side is that when you buy a one time uses the packs are slightly more expensive than the monthly ones)

  • For 10,000 images , you need to pay $9.99.
  • For 30,000 images , you will be charged $19.99.
  • For 50,000 images, you will be charged $29.99.
  • For 100,000 images, you will be charged $59.00.
  • For 170,000 images, you will be charged $99.00.
  • For 500,000 images will cost you $249.

Whom is ShortPixel suitable for?

In today’s hypercompetitive online landscape, you will have to optimize your website and ensure it loads faster if you want to compete. With the help of ShortPixel, you can certainly do so. That is why, if you’re serious about providing a better user experience and ranking in the search engines, ShortPixel is suitable for you. It is suitable for every Webmaster who wantes to have a faster website


  • Multiple optimizations available
  • Easy integration with CDN
  • Compatible with most other WordPress plug-ins
  • Pay as you use plans
  • Automatic compression available
  • Image conversion available


  • Has a slight learning curve

Conclusion of this ShortPixel review:

In our opinion, ShortPixel great and super comfortable. The reason for the same is that you can no longer have huge images on your website. Since you will have to optimize them and ShortPixel gets the picture to look nearly identical, feel free to optimize the images and increase the speed of your website even without spending a thing.

We hope that this ShortPixel review was helpful and if you got any question, feel free to ask in the comments

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