Pretty Links Review: Why It’s The Best Link Cloaker


Monetizing your content with the help of affiliate products is undoubtedly a great way to make money. However, you need to bring the affiliate links into a more presentable form for the same. To do so, you need a trustworthy interface.
Pretty links promise to provide you with such an interface. The question is, is it reliable enough
Our pretty links review today will answer this question for you.

What is Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a plug-in that you can install on your WordPress website. It allows you to shorten URLs right inside your WordPress dashboard rather than using any third-party site to shorten your URLs.
The shortened URLs can be used for any marketing campaign and share your content on social media websites.
The simple interface means that even if you haven’t used the link shortener before, this one is easy to use.

Features of Pretty Links

Below we will highlight the features of pretty links to help you understand what it does and what it has on offer.

Easy to monetize existing content

Pretty links can help you shorten any URL on your website. Whether it is a post URL or page URL, it will allow you to shorten any of these.
Not only that, it allows you to share that on social media, through emails, or any other medium.
Since you will share the shortened URL, it will likely attract visitors. That way, you will monitor the existing content pretty well.

Links that be shared across mediums

Pretty links do not restrict the sharing of the URL across any medium. Since you are shortening the URL of your website, you can share it across the medium that you want.
It means that whether you want to share the URL on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other medium, you can do so.
If you want to use that URL for email marketing, you can do that as well.

The more you share your link, the easier it will be to get more visitors and therefore increase your earnings.

Allows different redirect types

If you have shortened links before, you would know that there are different types of redirects. The functioning of these redirects varies and their purpose, and the duration for which the URL is redirected. Fortunately, pretty links allow you to use the type of redirect you want.

We will cover the three types which are most popular below.

  •  Permanent 301 redirect:
    As the name suggests, this type of redirect is permanent. If you do not ever want to change that URL, you can use this type of redirect.

  • Temporary 302 redirect:
    Temporary 302 redirects come in handy when you want to redirect the search engines for a limited time to a particular page. You can direct the visitors to that particular page as well.
    Whenever the objective is achieved, you can remove that redirect.

  •  Temporary 307 redirect:
    Temporary 307 redirect shows the visitor that the page has been redirected and will be back to its original location pretty soon. It is a short-term redirect that is only used in special cases.
    If you want to let the visitor know that this page has been redirected to a new URL, this is the type of redirect that you should use.

Fortunately, pretty links offer you all these redirects. That way, you will shorten the link exactly as you want.

Links compatible with WordPress editor

Whether you use the Gutenberg editor or any other type of WordPress editor, the pretty links plug-in is compatible with almost all of that and more. That way, you will be able to use these links directly into the editor itself.
While publishing a post, if you want to create its redirect, you can certainly do so.
Compatibility with WordPress editor certainly makes things easier for you.

Custom slugs possible

Random shortened URLs are not always a necessity. Many times, you need custom shortened URLs.
You can also type in the custom slug since you will install the pretty links plug-in on your website. That way, you will give meaningful permalinks to the shortened URLs.
In that case, the visitors will certainly trust you more.
When you use any third-party site for shortening the URLs, you seldom have control over the slugs of the URL; however, with pretty links, you do.

Provides detailed analytics

If you’re serious about creating a marketing campaign with shortened URLs, you will have to measure the clicks, visitors, as well as number of redirects.
The good news is that pretty links provide you with detailed analytics. That way, you can easily know which URL is performing better and where the traffic is coming from. You will know about the number of visitors coming through that link.
These detailed analytics can make things easier for you regarding marketing.

Nofollow attribute on offer

You don’t need to always use shortened links on third-party platforms. Often, you might use them on your website to redirect the clicks to your affiliate offer.
If the link is do-follow, it will pass the link juice, leading to the loss of the link juice.
Fortunately, all the links created by pretty links have a no-follow attribute. That is why there is no loss of link juice when using the pretty links plug-in.

Ability to generate QR codes

QR code is a great marketing tool these days. Instead of using any third-party plug-in or software to generate the QR code, you can generate the same using pretty links as well. In a nutshell, it helps you in not only the creation of shortened URLs but also QR codes.

Easy integration of google analytics

Pretty links offer you detailed analytics, but it is no match for Google analytics. Google Analytics can provide you with a lot of other variables as well. When you have all these variables by your side, optimizing your marketing campaigns, even more, becomes effortless.
Pretty links allow you to easily integrate Google analytics with your shortened URLs. That way, the amount of data you get is enormous.

Automatic link creation ability

If you want to shorten many URLs, doing so manually is not a good idea. It will require a lot of time on your part to do so. That is why, with pretty links, you can automate the link creation as well. That way, you will not have to spend time manually creating all the shortened links.

Allows you to split test

If you want to split test the links, pretty links allow you that as well. You will know right away which landing page is performing better. Once you know that, you can drive more clicks to that landing page rather than the other one.

Geographic redirection available

Not every affiliate offer accepts visitors or leads from every country. That is why you often need to divert the traffic according to the geolocation of the visitor.
Pretty Links allows you to do that as well. You can easily divert the visitors from, let’s say, the USA to a particular offer, and in the same link, if a visitor comes from the UK, you can divert higher to another offer.
This ensures that you do not lose visitors and can monetize visitors from all countries.

Easy integration of social sharing buttons

To make it easy for you to share these links on social media, Pretty links allow you to integrate social sharing buttons right away. That way, you will not have to use any other mechanism to generate traffic through social media.

Ability to create expiring links

You often need to redirect your affiliate offers for only a limited time. The merchant might pause the campaign, or you might have to hold your marketing campaign.
For the same, pretty links allow you to create expiring links. That way, it becomes easy for you to create the link for the time you want.

Easy to track conversions

To truly optimize your marketing campaign, you must track the conversions. You will know right away which link is converting for you in which one isn’t. That way, it becomes easier to market on the right medium.
It becomes easy for you to shorten the URL and monetize your content using affiliate offers with all these features.

Pricing Plan

Pretty links offer you three different packages. These include

  •  The big package will cost you $129 per year and makes this campaign usable on a single WordPress site.
  •  The marketer plan will cost you $149 per month and allows you to use the plug-in onto WordPress websites.
  •  The super affiliate plan will cost you $199 per month and allows you to use the plug-in on five different WordPress websites.

Considering that it is a self-hosted solution that you can use on your website, it provides value for money.

Who is Pretty Links suitable for

Anyone serious about monetizing the content through affiliate offers needs this plug-in. It is undoubtedly worth subscribing to since you will install it on your website and have complete control over it.


  •  Offers numerous redirection options
  •  Complete control over shortened URLs
  •  Allows you custom permalinks
  •  Compatible with WordPress editor
  •  Offers detailed analytics
  •  Easy integration with Google analytics
  •  Helps you split test
  •  Geo redirection available


  • Has a small learning curve

Final verdict of this Pretty Links review

Pretty links can undoubtedly help you increase your earnings through affiliate marketing. Since it is on your website, the links will never go down. Complete control over the links ensures that there will be no revenue loss if the links go down. Couple that with the various features which pretty links have on offer, and it is easy to understand why it is a necessity for affiliate marketers.
We hope this Pretty Links review was helpful, for any questions feel free to comment bellow 

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