10 Best Live Chat softwares of 2023


Looking for the best live chat software tool for your business? It is not a cakewalk to find the best one, especially with so many options available. Whether you are looking for a simple software tool for live chat or a live chat for a complete customer care platform for addressing all complex processes, you will get everything.  Wondering what it is and why you need this software tool? Then you are at the right place. We will provide you with all the details along with a complete review of the 10 best live chat softwares for a live chat on your website. Read on.

What is live chat?

The live chat software plugin can be one of the best elements for online businesses. It is a software tool for online customer support and service where you can chat live with the visitors and interact with them. It offers to provide instant and seamless service to all the visitors to your business website. With the help of the live chat, you will be able to initiate a conversation with the visitor and understand what he/she is looking for. This plugin opens up a chat window on your visitor’s screen where they can ask questions or queries related to your business.

Why to use live chat plugin?

Businesses need different marketing tools for increasing engagement and to get more quality leads. Among all the efficient digital marketing plugins, one of the best and most efficient ones is the live chat plugin. Using one of the best WordPress live chat plugins can help you in different ways. Some of the reasons why you must use this live chat plugin are:

  • Seamlessly provide the best customer support or service
  • Answer all the queries from the customers outside the office hours
  • For an efficient and real-time engagement with the existing customers and prospects
  • Helps in capturing the best-quality leads for your business
  • Understanding the needs and requirements of the prospects in a more efficient way
  • Reduces the time for fixing any issues and problems

These live chat plugins can help your customers instantly connect to your support team. As live chat can help your business to grow, it is crucial for businesses of different sizes and shapes. B2B companies, eCommerce businesses, and startups can use these live chat plugins to instantly connect with customers, drive conversions and increase engagement.

List of top 10 live chat software plugins

Now that you know what these live chat plugins or software tools are and how they are beneficial, it is important to choose the best in the market for your business. To help you in choosing the best one, we are here to review the top 10 best live chat plugins that you can use (this list is in our opinion, many great live chat softwares aren’t in this article, these are just the best 10 live chat softwares in our opinion).

1. LiveChat.com

This is the number one live chat plugin that you can use in WordPress. It helps you to connect with your customers most seamlessly and efficiently as possible. This software tool can help you in capturing the leads and making people purchase from your business. This software tool helps you to flaunt your best goods and services most elegantly while chatting so that it can make people buy them instantly. It also provides chat automation which means even when any customer service executive is not present, an automatic preset reply will be sent to your customer or prospect so that you don’t lose any lead.

Also, this amazing live chat plugin helps you in tracking down all the sales and goals so that you can see how effective this chatting tool is for your business. It will help you in generating leads, helping customers meet their needs, and more. The pricing of this live chat plugin is also quite reasonable. You will get four different plans to choose from.

Starter: This is perfect for home offices or small offices. The price is $16 per month.

Team: This is for a full-time customer support team. The price is $33 per month.

Business: Here you will get a complete department for providing customer service. The price is $50 per month.

Enterprise: This is for the Fortune 500 companies. The price of this package depends on the individual contract.

2. JivoChat.com

Want to increase your business revenues? Connecting with your possible customers and clients with this JivoChat can help you with that. This is an all-in-one business messenger that can help your business to connect with your customers and your clients. In this fast-paced life, no one likes to wait. JivoChat can provide you with the best service to respond fast and quickly to your customers. Also, you will be able to get CRM integration, monitoring of visitors in real-time, translator, and more. JivoChat comes with some of the important features too like – callback and black list.

This plugin comes in two different pricing – basic free version and professional premium version. The basic version is completely free of cost for the first 5 agents.

The Professional version is available at $19 for every agent each month when it is billed annually. You can try out the professional version free of cost for the first 14 days.

3. HubSpot.com

The next best software tool for website live chat WordPress is HubSpot. It is a powerful plugin that is quite easy to use. This is one of the best CRM platforms that can help you to enhance the customer experience and take it to another level. You will get some great features like – scheduling a meeting, live chatting, calling, ticket pipelines, templates for emails, automated help desk, conversation intelligence, and many more.

You can start chatting today with HubSpot for free. All you have to do is to click on their Get Started Free option and the chat will be added to the business website. This can help in building a better and stronger bond with the customers and clients. HubSpot comes with 3 different bundles – Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

Starter: The price starts at $45 for a month. It is $540 yearly.

Professional: The price starts at $360 for a month. It is $4320 yearly.

Enterprise: The price starts at $1,200 for a month. It is about $14,400 yearly.

4. LiveAgent.com

Looking for excellent customer service to provide through live chatting on your website? Then LiveAgent can be a great choice for you. It comes with many amazing features along with real-time chat. This live chat tool offers immediate interaction as well as different ticketing services. It provides qualified and experienced agents who can efficiently handle all the queries from visitors and customers. This plugin is one of the best ways to add a human factor to the business website.

This can be a game-changer for you. This tool is affordable offering real-time chatting, customer satisfaction, and customer experience. It is also quite easy to use. There are 4 different packages to choose from.

Free: It is free of cost package where you will enjoy some limited features.

Ticket: This is available at $15 for each agent per month.

Ticket+Chat: This is available for $29 for each agent per month.

All-inclusive: This is available for $49 for each agent per month. The package you choose will decide the number of ticket history can be generated. Also, the features will vary from one package to another.

5. ChatBot.com

With the help of this live chat plugin, providing automated customer service is like a breeze. It offers a free trial for 14 days. With the live chat, you will be able to interact directly with your customers. They will get an option whether they want to talk to an agent or leave a message with the after-hour chatbot. It also helps in generating some good-quality leads. You will get some great features with this software tool like – transcript, tags, creating tickets, and transfer. Get rich and effective interactive messages with this plugin.

The pricing package of this is divided into 4 different categories:

Starter: Meant for small companies and the price is $42 per month.

Team: Most popular one for growing companies and price is $126 per month.

Business: Best for big company and price starts just at $424 per month.

Enterprise: For large-scale companies and the price depends on contracts.

6. Freshworks.com

Companies are depending more on digital customers, these days. If you too have a website for your business, turn it more efficient with the added benefits. Adding a live chat plugin can help your customers or clients to talk or chat with you. Freshworks offer the best-in-class live chat service where your customers can get the best customer service and support. This can help your customers to get instant solutions to the problems. This software tool also simplifies how your customers can interact or connect with you.

It is loaded with some great features where you get to look at the data and track the progress too. The pricing packages come in 4 different variations:

Free: Allows you up to 100 agents and is free of cost.

Growth: The price is $15 per agent every month

Pro: The price starts from $39 per agent every month

Enterprise: The price starts from $69 per agent every month

All these premium packages will be billed yearly. The pricing can change if it is billed monthly. When billed on monthly basis, the price of Growth, Pro, and Enterprise packages will be $18, $47, and $69 respectively. Choose one of the packages from here based on which one will be suitable for your business needs and requirements.

7. Froged.com

With Froged.com, you will be able to increase your efficiency to provide solutions and services to your customers. This can actually help you in engaging with your customers effectively which will also help you to retain the customers. No matter what your business needs, this live chat plugin in WordPress can help you a lot. It will help you to enhance the time to value by improving the customer experience, adoption of products, and better engagement. This plugin is rated as one of the best and easy to use software tools of 2020. Hence, you can completely rely on this tool to get your work done smoothly and seamlessly.

You will get to start a free trial with Froged.com where you don’t have to provide the details of your credit cards or anything. In case you like the services, you can then choose to opt from their three premium packages.

Grow: This premium package is available at just 69 Euros and you will be able to enjoy a 7-day trial for this.

Scale: This premium package is available at just 249 Euros and here also you will get a 7-day trial.

Enterprise: This premium package is available at 890 Euros and you can get the best benefits from this.

Assess all your needs and requirements and then you can choose which premium package is ideal for your business website.

8. Olark.com

From the best features to amazing services, you will get it all with this live chat software tool. It offers reporting and customization. You can also customize the fonts, automation, and searchable transcripts too. You will also get to enjoy real-time engagement, team management, and more with Olark.com. Chatting in real-time can help you in engaging your customers while answering their queries. You will also be able to organize the customer data and some of the valuable insights from the live chat.

Olark.com also allows you to customize the pre-chat forms and triggered messages as well as the offline messaging. With all these amazing features, this software tool is one of the best ones that you can consider for your website. There is only one package available for this quite affordable plugin. You can enjoy the live chat with all the features at $29 every month. You can apply for the free trial to check their services first.

9. Tidio.com

Want to increase your sales while providing the best customer service? Then you need this plugin for your business website. Tidio can help you most effectively by combining the two powerful tools – chatbot and live chat. This software tool can help you in turning most of your visitors into paying customers. It offers fast and quick responses to your visitors without keeping them waiting. It helps in making some instant and real connection with your customers. This software tool can work with several platforms for eCommerce, email marketing, and CRM. It can get easily integrated into WordPress.

This tool can empower your team of customer service providers. It offers some great flexible plans that you can choose from. There are 3 different packages to choose from. One of them is available for free and the other two are premium ones.

Chatbots: This package is available for $39 per month where you will get 3 operators.

Communicator: This package is available for just $15 per month and it is billed based on each operator.

You can start the free trial for both the premium packages to decide which one is better for you. No credit card is essential for the free trial. So, go ahead and try it out!

10. PipeDrive.com

This is a platform that offers all-in-one service right from customer support to growing revenue. This plugin can help you to interact with the visitors to your website and pursue them to be your customer. It can help to get some valuable information and insights too about your visitors. This software tool is quite easy to use and you can focus more on the activities with this. It also helps you to get measurable results so that you can work on the flaws to get better.

The PipeDrive helps you to focus more on the schedules and know what your priorities are. This software also provides some best-in-class features such as customization, automated chatting, collection of valuable data, reports, insights, etc. You can enjoy all these features along with complete privacy. The pricing of this software tool depends on the package you choose.

Essential: This package is available at just $12.50

Advanced: This package is available at just $24.90

Professional: This package is available at just $49.90

Enterprise: This package is available at $99.00

All these packages are for each user per month but billed on the yearly basis. You can choose the right package based on the features it offers and what the needs and requirements of your business are.


It is quite evident that you have a plethora of choices to choose the best live chat plugin in WordPress for your website. You will be amazed how this software tool or plugin can help you in growing your business more efficiently and organically. With so many options available, you can choose the right one based on what your needs and requirements are. So, assess your business needs first and then compare all the features of these top 10 best live chat software tools. You will be able to find a suitable match for your business website. What are you waiting for? Having a live chat plugin is very essential for your business website as this can help to get better leads and more revenues.

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