Liquid Web Review: Is It A Fantastic Hosting?

Liquid Web Review

Managed cloud hosting, managed VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting is Liquid Web’s specialties. They’re known for their Incredible Support, which includes lightning-fast response times and highly trained support personnel. Check out our in-depth Liquid Web review to see whether it’s the best fit for you.

About Liquid Web

Liquid Web, which was founded in 1997, presently provides managed web hosting to over 30,000 clients across 150 countries. ESPN, Motorola, Red Bull, and United Way are just a few of the well-known brands they serve.

Liquid Web is based in Lansing, Michigan, and operates three data centers of its own. Additional information centers are located in Phoenix, Chicago, Amsterdam, and Dallas.

All plans incorporate:

  • WordPress pre-installed
  • One-click backup restores
  • Automatic backups
  • Automatic updates on WordPress
  • Liquid Web’s choice of iThemes Sync Pro, WordPress Dashboard, or cPanel along with WP-CLI/SSH Access
  • Staging one-click sites
  • SSL certificates are free
  • Migration is free

Cloud Dedicated servers, fully managed Cloud VPS hosting, and Cloud Sites for designers and online professionals are all options for cloud hosting.

The Storm platform underpins Liquid Web’s cloud hosting services, which include SSD storage, built-in backups, Cloudflare CDN, DDoS protection, and better security.

Storm VPS Cloud Servers are customized servers inside a shared cloud environment that come in a variety of configurations and sizes. VPS hosting comes in a variety of tiers, depending on how much RAM, computing power, and disc space you require.

Instant provisioning and daily billing are also included in cloud hosting plans, allowing you to change the plan on the go but only spend for what you need.

Liquid Web Hosting Plans

Liquid Web is a managed hosting company with excellent customer service. Cloud hosting, completely managed dedicated servers, VPS hosting, and web Hosting hosting are among the services they provide. They also provide custom as well as enterprise solutions. 

Their premium managed WordPress hosting is customized for speed, performance, plus security and thus is optimized exclusively for WordPress. There seems to be no limitation on the number of visitors or plugins you may utilize, unlike the other managed WordPress hosting services.

Managed WordPress hosting from Liquid Web is available in three tiers: Professional, Personal, and Agency. They differ in terms of the number of websites they allow you to host.

Different Hosting plans (starting prices)

  • Dedicated with single-tenant customizable tradition server- $169 per month
  • VPS high performance with root access- $15 per month
  • Cloud Dedicated with single-tenant on-demand cloud servers- $149 per month
  • VMware Private Cloud scalable hosting on dedicated or multi-tenant infrastructure-$510 per month
  • Managed WordPress with performance tuning-$19 per month
  • Managed WooCommerce which is all in one solution for high-performance stores-$19 per month
  • Magento is Cloud-ready and features rich-$49 per month
  • Cloud Servers with Cpanel scalable hosting-$265 per month
  • Private deploy VPS Parent$139 per month
  • Server Clusters custom-built for business requirements- $743 per month
  • Web traffic high-performance servers$1,127 per month
  • High Availability multi servers for reducing downtime- $1,448 per month
  • Database Hosting for databases that are mission-critical-$1,498 per month
  • HIPAA compliant hosting for healthcare-$343 per month


Customer Service and Support

Liquid Web guarantees Heroic Support in the United States 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They offer a well-trained support team who may be reached by phone, live chat, or support tickets.   

Liquid Web promises to respond to your support requests within 24 hours. Calls and live chat inquiries are addressed in less than a minute, and support tickets are responded to within 30 minutes. The ticket will not be passed about before it is resolved since staff members are trained to take responsibility for the issue.

Liquid Web’s customers praise their excellent customer service. The customer service representatives are competent, pleasant, and quick to fix any issues that may arise.

Uptime Guarantee 100%

The company hosting has a very good uptime and is often mentioned in these liquid web evaluations. Liquid Web, guarantees 100 percent uptime, unlike other different hosting companies. When they don’t keep their word, you’ll get a credit worth 10 times the length of time you are down.   

They also provide a 30-minute replacement of hardware warranty for dedicated server clients. That implies any malfunctioning server hardware would be replaced in 30 minutes of the issue being discovered.

Web Performance Liquid

The speed of your website is the most significant performance indicator. It not only harms the user experience but also hurts your site’s SEO.

According to studies, a one-second delay in the speed of the website can affect conversions by 7%. A three-second delay might lose you 50% of the traffic.

Liquid Web speed test

For a server in San Jose, California, the Liquid Web test site ran in under a second. That implies our site is quicker than 91% of the other sites we evaluated.

Impact of Liquid Web Load

The number of functional virtual/online users is shown by the blue line, while the server load time is represented by the green line. Also at peak traffic, Liquid Web’s server load remained steady throughout the test.   

Following that, a response time test runs to check how quickly Liquid Web servers responded to queries from various geographical areas showed that In less than a second, the Liquid Web test site responded. In the U. S., the response time was especially fast.

Pros and Cons

Liquid Web is a well-known web hosting provider, but it is not for everyone. Before deciding on a plan, consider the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Quick Page Loading – Liquid Web’s hosting plans are all optimized for fast page loads. The speed of their hosting is mentioned in several customer reviews.
  • Liquid Web, unlike many other managed WordPress hosting providers, does not impose any plugin restrictions. On your site, you can use any WordPress plugin you wish.
  • Guaranteed Uptime – Liquid Web guarantees a whopping 100% uptime and will credit you 1000 percent for any downtime.
  • Liquid Web’s crowning achievement is its outstanding customer service. Customers compliment the support team on how polite, helpful, and knowledgeable they are.


  • No Shared Hosting – Liquid Web does not provide shared hosting services. Higher-traffic sites which require cloud hosting, managed WordPress hosting, or dedicated server hosting are among their target customers.
  • There is no money-back guarantee offered by Liquid Web. You are not bound by any contract, though, and can discontinue your subscription at any moment. If you paid in advance, you can still claim a refund for any months you don’t utilize. You only need to notify them before the start of the month under question.
  • Higher Prices – Liquid Web’s hosting plans are more expensive than those offered by many other cheap hosting companies, and you’ll get what you have paid for in terms of service and support.


After reviewing Liquid Web services in detail, it can be termed as the “Best Hosting Support.” Heroic Support is a Liquid Web trademark. Customers praise the staff’s friendliness and helpfulness, and many say they feel like they’re “part of the family.” Liquid Web support responds swiftly to any live chat, phone, or support ticket query, and works with you to identify and resolve any issues.

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