How To Change The Font In WordPress? (3 Easy Methods)

How To Change Your Font In WordPress?

WordPress offers excellent customization options. From the theme and design to the font, you can change almost any aspect of your site when using WordPress.
One of the common questions that a WordPress site owner faces is, how to change the font in WordPress?

Today, we will share with you multiple methods to do so. Before that, however, it is time to understand when it makes sense to change your font in WordPress.

When Does It Make Sense To Change WordPress Fonts?

There are essentially two circumstances in which it makes perfect sense to change the font in WordPress. These include:

1. Make Text Easier To Read:

The default font used by the WordPress theme is often not easy to read. Even if it is legible on a desktop, it might not be that legible on your smartphone. The simple way to avoid this problem is to change the WordPress font.

Once you choose the font according to legibility, it becomes easy for the reader to go through the entire blog post. That will undoubtedly increase the time users spend on your website and consequently help you rank higher. It will also boost your earnings.

2. For Branding:

The right font and styling can undoubtedly help you convey the motto in the message behind your business to the reader. Hence; it makes perfect sense to change the font of your WordPress theme for branding.

It is time to look at the exact methods you can follow to change the font in WordPress.

How To Change the Font In WordPress?

You can change the font for WordPress by using WordPress plug-ins, a WordPress theme customizer, and a theme builder.

We will go into the step-by-step guidelines to use these methods below.

Method 1: Using WordPress Plugins:

 One way to change the font in WordPress is by using a plug-in like Easy Google fonts allows you to choose between 600 different Google fonts on your WordPress website. The procedure to install this plug-in and change the font is as follows:

Step 1: Install The “Easy Google Fonts” Plug-In

Login to your dashboard by visiting the URL, enter the username and password, and click login. From the sidebar, click on the plug-ins option and add new. Search the plug-in’s name Easy Google Fonts, click install, and then press the activate button.

Step 2: Navigate To The Typography Panel

Once the plug-in is activated, select the Appearance option from the sidebar, followed by Customized Typography, and select Default Typography.

Step 3: Expand The Relevant Option From The Panel

How To Change The Font In WordPress

Depending on the number of headings on the page, you will be able to view the edit font option for every heading. Click on the edit font option below the font you want to change. Once you click on the edit font option, you can view various font-related options below, as the edit font button is a drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select The Right Option From The Drop-Down Menus

How To Change The Font In WordPress

Once you click the edit font option, you can view various font options as shown in the image. You can change the font according to the font family and font style. You can also choose from multiple Text Decoration and Text Transform options.

Before you choose from these drop-down menus, select the right option from the uppermost menu called Script/Subset. That will help you narrow down the font lists and thereby help you choose the right font.

The “Theme Default” option will be selected unless you change any font properties.

Step 5: Search And Select Font Name If You Know The Name

How To Change The Font In WordPress

Once you click on any drop-down menu, you can search the font name resulting in easier selection.

Select the font by either going through the drop-down menu items or typing the font’s name and selecting it.

Step 6: Click Publish

After selecting the font, simply click Publish, and the font changes will be made.

Method 2: Using WordPress Theme Customizer:

another way to change the font in WordPress is by using a WordPress theme customizer.
Many popular WordPress themes like Astra allow you to change the font using the WordPress theme customizer.

Step 1: Choose The Customize Option From The Appearance Menu

How To Change The Font In WordPress

After logging in to your WordPress dashboard (use step one from the method above to log in to your WordPress dashboard), select the appearance option from the left sidebar and click Customize.

Step 2: Select Global, Followed By Typography

This will open up a page on which there will be a post on your home page on the right side and a sidebar on the left. Select the global option from the left sidebar and then click on Typography.

Step 3: Choose From The Presets

How To Change The Font In WordPress

Once you click on typography, you are likely to get the option of a handful of font presets. You can choose between them to change the font of your site.

Step 4: Change Font For Individual Elements

How To Change The Font In WordPress

To change the font only for a particular element of your website, like the body or the heading, below the presets, you will also be able to view that option. Click on any of these elements, and choose from the different font options for the body or the heading.

Step 5: Click Publish

Once you have selected the fonts, click the publish button at the top of the left sidebar.

According to the theme you are using, the option names and the navigation might vary a bit, but most themes allow you to change the font using the theme customizer.

Method 3: Using theme builder

 The third method to change the font in WordPress is by using a theme builder such as SeedProd to not only build a website but also to change the font. We will go into the step-by-step guide to do so below.

Step 1: Install A Theme Builder Like SeedProd

How To Change The Font In WordPress

First install and activate the SeedProd plug-in, similar to installing any other plug-in.

Step 2: Select The Theme

How To Change The Font In WordPress

Afterward, select the theme builder option from the sidebar and click on the themes option on the right-hand side.

Then you can view the various theme options and select one among them to import the theme and edit it.

Step 3: Edit The Design Of Individual Elements

How To Change The Font In WordPress

Once you select the theme, you can view the elements like the single page, single post, homepage, etc. Below each, you can see that it is also an option. Click on that button.

Step 4: Click Advanced And Then Edit Typography

How To Change The Font In WordPress

After that, you can view the sidebar, in which there will be an advanced option. Click on that and then click on the Edit option in front of the typography field.

Step 5: Select The Font And Click Save.

That will provide you with a drop-down list of the fonts you can select from. Once you have selected the right font, click on the save button in the upper right-hand corner.

How To Optimize Fonts In WordPress?

Once you add or select the right fonts in your WordPress website, it is equally important to optimize them. Only when optimizing those fonts will your WordPress website load faster despite using custom fonts. The tips which you can follow to optimize the fonts include:

  • If you haven’t used a CDN service before now, now is the time. That way, your WordPress site will load fast even if you’re using a heavier font.
  • It is better to go with widely used fonts. Most of these are blazing fast to load. That is why they won’t slow down your website.
  • Instead of using a fully customized font, go with the options provided by your theme builder or plug-in.
  • Also, ensure that you use a WordPress caching plug-in to reduce the page load time.

By following these few steps, it will be easier for you to change the font on your WordPress website and ensure that it loads fast.


Can I use any font on my WordPress?

Easy Google Fonts offers you 600 different fonts. Once you install this plug-in, you can install almost any font on your WordPress website. That is the easiest way to install the font you prefer.

Which Is The Most Popular Font For WordPress?

Helvetica stands to be one of the most popular fonts for WordPress. Originally, it was available in the physical format for printing presses since 1957. Since then, it has been digitized and modified multiple times. There are over 100 different variants of this font as well. Due to its long history and numerous variations, this is arguably the most popular font for WordPress.

Which Is The Most Visually Pleasing Font For WordPress?

If you are looking for a visually appealing font for WordPress, go with Noto Sans. Noto Sans is from the Sans Serif family of fonts. Because of the same, there are various variations of this font that you can use as well. Not only that, you can easily use it in the regular form, bold form, italic form, or a combination of different forms. Still, it will be legible and aesthetically pleasing.


Thus, when you’re looking for a way to change your font in WordPress, these are the three methods you can use. Once you choose between any of these three methods, you will be able to select the font which is most aesthetically pleasing and easy to read for your readers. No matter which method you go with, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes if you follow the step-by-step guide about changing the font.

We hope this post helped you understand how to change the font in WordPress, if you got any more questions feel free to comment below and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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