GreenGeeks Review: Eco-Friendly, But Is It A Good Hosting?


Here you will know about the GreenGeeks web hosting service provider. 

It can be difficult to choose when there are many web hosting service providers in the market. You need to select one while looking at the features of the web host and your budget. GreenGeeks has many things that distinguish it from other web hosting companies.

It is enriched with several features, and the reasonable pricing plans make it easier for consumers to choose this web hosting company. If you are looking for a unique hosting provider then, GreenGeeks is the one you should consider.  

It offers a sustainable hosting service that includes site migration and a free domain name. Also, when it is about speed, support, and security, GreenGeeks is quite a reliable web hosting service provider.

GreenGeeks is a leading eco-friendly web hosting provider that offers a variety of hosting services. These hosting plans include shared, VPS, dedicated, and WordPress hosting as well. All the packages come with a free SSL certificate, ensuring that your website data is encrypted and secured


Your websites will be more engaging with GreenGeeks. GreenGeeks not only offers amazing web hosting services. It also takes care of the environment by using wind energy. GreenGeek is a reliable hosting platform that you can depend on. It provides the best hosting experience to all its customers.

There are plenty of features that this web host offers to all consumers. Some of these are mentioned below, have a look at them:

  • Green Environment

GreenGeeks is an environmentally-friendly web host company, and that is why it is named as GreenGeeks. This hosting company believes that all web host services should be green so that the environment remains healthy.

This is a leading eco-friendly web hosting company as they keep on reducing their carbon footprint. Their servers use wind energy to compensate for the energy that they consume from the power grid.

To host the data of your website, they use energy-efficient hardware. Working with wind energy helps them in creating three times more energy than they consume. GreenGeeks is an energy-efficient web hosting company that can help your website traffic. 

  • Secured and Fast Servers

When you are in an online digital market, there are chances of theft and unauthorized attempts. Your hosting provider should provide encryption to make sure that your important data and information are safe.

The infrastructure of GreenGeeks is powerful, reliable, and secure. They have servers in different locations so that you can choose the one through which your content will be visible to your target audience as quickly as it can.

The faster your website loads, the more time a visitor remains on your site. With the hosting services of GreenGeeks, your website gets optimized speed and performance.

  • Uptime 

Before choosing a web hosting service provider, make sure that it can provide the uptime that your website requires. Uptime is the key to rank on Google or any search engine. To provide a great website experience to your consumers, your website needs to be up and running.

GreenGeeks contains your site’s resources so that no other website could impact your site’s traffic negatively. This hosting company takes care of your website’s uptime as they ensure that your website is up-to-date. The servers are monitored every time to identify problems. with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

  • A free domain name and site migration

For your first year of subscription, you will get a free domain name. You can also migrate your website to GreenGeeks servers without any cost. The most important factor that cannot be neglected is the downtime while migrating your website. GreenGeek promises that your website will have very little downtime while migrating. 

  • Customer support 

Good customer support is the major suit of any web hosting service provider. GreenGeeks web host guarantees all the services it offers. Such as the 99.9% uptime and 100% satisfaction. Their support team is always available to help out the users.

They reply 24/7 to your emails or phone calls. Also, you can get in touch with live chat support to get your issues resolved. The support team has all the knowledge to help you out. If there is any question that one representative does not answer then, you are directed to another. 

Web Hosting Services by GreenGeeks

There are different hosting solutions that GreenGeeks provides. These hosting services are for different websites. GreenGeeks offers web hosting services for a beginner website and a large scalable business site as well. The hosting services are discussed below; check them out:

Shared Hosting

If you are running a small website or a new one, shared hosting is the right choice for your site. GreenGeeks offers 50GB of storage, unmetered bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, 50 email accounts, and a free domain name for one year. There are options to upgrade your package that will provide unlimited storage and email accounts. The performance of your site will get better as well. It starts from $2.49 per month.

VPS Hosting 

VPS hosting is an ideal choice if you want to have better control over computing resources. Choosing this hosting service will allow you to know how much disk space, bandwidth, and RAM your site requires to perform better.

GreenGeeks offers various plans or packages that are fully managed. The starter plan provides 2GB RAM, 50GB of storage and 4 CPUs. The professional or most expensive VPS plan offers 6 CPUs, 150GB of storage, and 8GB RAM.  

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server allows you to have full control over your sites. Your websites will not be sharing the resources with any other site. Those with large websites often select dedicated server hosting to run and have great traffic. With GreenGeeks, every dedicated hosting package allows you to transfer data up to 10TB every month with 5 IP addresses. This hosting plan offers 2GB RAM 500GB storage for 16GB RAM and 1TB storage. 

WordPress Hosting

If you want a web host for your WordPress sites, this is a great choice from GreenGeeks. It offers plans for optimized WordPress hosting. This includes automatic updates and WordPress installation in one click. WordPress hosting offers the same features that shared hosting offers and at the same prices. With GreenGeeks WordPress hosting, your websites get enhanced security. 

Pros & cons


  • Environmentally conscious hosting
  • Multiple hosting types
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Brilliant support options
  • PCI Compliance
  • Affordable shared hosting plan prices
  • SSH access cPanel management
  • Super instant and free migration service


  • A bit expensive advanced plans
  • No windows based hosting options

Meta description

With GreenGeek web hosting services, your WordPress sites perform faster. It offers environment-friendly web hosting services with the best technologies.

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