Flywheel Review: Should you get it?


Are you looking for managed WordPress hosting services? You are on the right page. Flywheel is a WordPress-managed hosting service provider that offers several features. 

If you are a web developer or designer then, choosing Flywheel will make your life easier. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for beginners and professionals as well. Flywheel provides secure; high-performance managed WordPress hosting. With Flywheel, you can create private demo websites for your clients to see the design and development work that you have done for them. 

The web designers and developers who use Flywheel appreciate the feature of web hosting billing for the clients. Also, you can create free demo sites for your clients by using this managed WordPress hosting service provider.

It will not be wrong to say that Flywheel sits in one of the top tiers of managed WordPress hosting service providers. Flywheel has many useful tools for solo WordPress users and for agencies that build websites for their clients. Let’s get straight to why you need to choose it.

Features of Flywheel

With Flywheel, you get a WordPress-optimized environment. You also get a lot of tools to secure, manage, and maintain your website. It offers plenty of features that distinguish it from other managed WordPress hosting service providers. Here are some of the features that will force you to choose this managed hosting provider for your WordPress sites.

Have a look at them:

  • Ease of use

The dashboard of Flywheel is very easy to use. You can easily access your profile which contains your details, payment options, and billing history. It lists all the sites that you can access.

When you click a site on the dashboard, you will get to the settings where you will find an overview, stats, add-ons, and backups of your selected website. You can easily make changes according to the requirement of your client if you are managing a website. You can also add new features to the website that you own. 

  • Collaboration 

Managing and tracking the client website’s password can be very difficult if you have many sites to manage. Flywheel makes it very easy for you to handle multiple websites because of its simplified collaborations. So whether you are a web designer or a web developer, this managed WordPress hosting service provider is worth trying.

You can easily manage collaborators all the way direct from within your account. The secure thing is that you don’t need to share passwords. You can also add collaborators, and they can manage their accounts independently. Flywheel lets you manage the shared website while having full control. 

  • Cloud platform 

A website that is stored on a physical server with regular hosting. With regular hosting, you get fixed amounts of memory, processing power, and storage. The biggest advantage of cloud hosting is that multiple systems are connected which creates a single cloud environment.

Flywheel has upgraded its infrastructure to become a true cloud hosting company. The customers of Flywheel can now scale without limit and in a faster way. With the cloud platform of Flywheel, users can have a more stable hosting environment.

Google is the biggest Cloud Platform provider, and Flywheel is using the Google Cloud platform. The resources you get with a cloud platform are endless. 

  • Fast loading time

Traditional hosting can outgrow your website. There can be performance issues because of the slow loading time. Sometimes the servers are unavailable too. People look for a better web hosting provider when such issues occur.

Migrating to a better server that offers more speed can resolve this problem. But when your files are moved, this can result in downtime of your website. This migration is not only for once; you may need to migrate again when your website grows and gets more popular. With Flywheel cloud hosting services, your websites are scaled automatically. The increase in traffic on your website can be handled easily without reducing your page speed. 

  • Create free demo websites

Are you having the services of a managed hosting provider that does not allow you to create free demo websites for your clients? You need to change your hosting provider and shift to Flywheel.

It allows you to create free demo websites for your clients. This develop-friendly feature of Flywheel is potentially time-saving. The plus point is that you don’t need to set up a new domain or make any payment. 

With Flywheel, you can create a demo WordPress site once you have created a free account. The demo sites are password protected, which means that you do not need to worry about unauthorized attempts. Once your client is happy with your work, you can purchase a hosting plan from Flywheel. After getting the hosting plan, you can remove the password protection and launch the website. 

  • Billing 

The billing feature of Flywheel is a convenient and user-friendly system. You will be able to set up a new WordPress site once your account is verified. To make your account a verified one, you need to provide a valid credit card number. Here are some options that you can choose for billing:

  • Choosing pay now will set up a new billing account.
  • Adding the site to a bulk plan.
  • Create the overall website now, and my client will pay later. 
  • The third step involves creating a demo website that will not go live till the client has all paid for the hosting account. With the billing feature, you will save essential time. 
  • WordPress installation 

If you are looking to create local WordPress sites, Flywheel local is a free tool to help you. Downloading this software and installing it on your system will provide you with a WordPress-optimized environment to work on. There will be no need to waste more time debugging your local WordPress environment. Once your website is ready to be shared with the client, you just need to click on a button to generate a link. When you have shared the link, your client will be able to access the site. 

  • Free migrations 

You can consider choosing this managed WordPress hosting service provider because of the free website migration policy; if you have created a free account on Flywheel, just fill up the form for migration requests. The migration team will create a copy of your WordPress website and copy it onto the Flywheel demo server. The process will not take more than a day. 

Pricing Plans

Flywheel offers different pricing plans. You can see the plans in the picture below:

Managed WordPress Hosting

Growth Suite

Meta description

Flywheel has a powerful platform that supports your WordPress sites. You can get a custom-built plan according to your requirements. 

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