How To Set Up An Email For Your Domain Name?


Once you get your domain, it is good to create an email address on the same. It appears much more professional than Gmail and Yahoo mail or any other alternatives.
However, it can be a confusing task for someone who hasn’t created an email on their domain earlier.

This brings up a crucial question, how to set up an email for your domain name?
We will share with you multiple methods along with a step-by-step guide so that you can create an email address for your domain.

How to Set Up An Email For Your Domain Name?

There are three ways to do so: creating an email address through cPanel, add email to domain and integrate it with Gmail, and creating an email address and forwarding it to your existing Gmail ID.

We will go into the details of all these three methods.

Method 1: Create an email through Cpanel:

To create an email address through cPanel, it is necessary to have your cPanel login details. When you sign up with WebHost, they will send you an email with your new account information. So, you get a URL to access cPanel along with the username and password of your cPanel account. Keep those handy before going through the steps below.

Step 1: log in to cPanel:

How To Set Up An Email For Your Domain Name

Visit the URL to enter your login information and log in to cPanel. However, this URL will only work if your DNS is propagated. Once you visit this URL, you will see the option to enter your user ID, and password and log in. You have to enter their respective information, and after that, click on login.

Step 2: Click on email accounts:

How To Set Up An Email For Your Domain Name

After login, you will see a lot of icons, but there will be a search bar on top. Click on that icon. You have to type email accounts in the same, and you will be able to see the email accounts pop up.

Step 3: Click on create:

On the next screen, there will be a create button. You have to click on that and enter the username, password, and storage space that you need to allocate to that email account. Then click on the create button.

You can access this email account at

That’s it!

In these three simple steps, you will be able to create and use your account through cPanel.

Method 2: Create an email and integrate it with Gmail:

This method will allow you to create a professional email address on your domain like and will enable you to use Gmail to manage that email. You can log in to that email id through Gmail.

Step 1: host your domain:

The first task is to buy your domain, choose a web host, and point the name servers to the same.

Step 2: Sign up with Google workspace:

How To Set Up An Email For Your Domain Name

Visit and sign up on it. If you’re new to Google workspace, you will also get the option to start a free trial.

Step 3: Enter all your business information:

During the signup process, enter complete business information, including the number of employees, nature of business, etc.

Step 4: Enter custom domain information:

After you enter all of this information, you will be asked to enter the name of your custom domain as well.

Step 5: Select the plan you want to choose:

You can either choose the basic or the business account in the next step. The features of both of them will be listed.

Step 6: Verify the domain:

After that, Google will prompt you to start the setup. During this setup, you will be given the option to verify your domain through various methods like entering the Meta tag into WordPress or using a plug-in. The entire process is self-explanatory.

Step 7: change the MX record:

This last step to set up domain email with gmail will integrate your custom email with your Gmail workspace account. Google highlights how to change MX records in this post here. If your host is not listed on that page, you can click here to get generic instructions for the same.

Once again, if you do not know how to set and change the MX record, you can ask your web hosting support to help you out.

That’s it!

In these seven simple steps, you can integrate your custom email with Gmail and log in through the Gmail workspace page rather than the webmail page on your domain.

If the above method sounds too complicated, we will share a simpler alternative below.

Method 3: Create an email and forward it to Gmail:

In this method, you will create a custom email address and simply forward it to your existing Gmail id. No need to change MX records or go through any other complicated procedures.

Step 1: create the custom domain email address:

The first thing is to create an email address through your cPanel account. For the same, you can follow the steps of method one.

Step 2: go to the cPanel dashboard:

How To Set Up An Email For Your Domain Name

Head over to the Cpanel dashboard homepage by clicking the cpanel icon on the top. In the cPanel dashboard, you have to search for the forwarder and click it.

Step 3: Click on add a forwarder:

On the next page, click adds forwarder button.

Step four: Add Gmail address:

After that, select the Forward to email address option, enter your Gmail in that field, and click add forwarder.

That’s it!

From now on, all the emails you get to your cPanel email address will be directly forwarded to your Gmail email address. However, when you reply through Gmail, your Gmail address might be visible to the recipient. You have to keep this factor in mind when using this method.

Now that you know how to set up an email address for your domain name, it is time to understand why it is essential to do so.

Why is it important to set up an email with the domain name?

1. Simple email addresses:

When you try to create an email address with Gmail, you will likely have to enter your first name, last name, and a few numbers. The email ID with only your first name would be taken by someone else. It means that your email address will look very complicated.

On the other hand, when you’re creating an email address on your custom domain, you can just create an email address with your first name. That certainly becomes simpler to remember. For someone who needs to contact you as well, that is easier to remember as well. That is why, by going with the email address on a custom domain, you are certainly opting for a simpler email address.

2. More credibility:

Imagine your email address is or

Which one is going to sound more credible?

Of course, the one without the numbers and on your domain name.

In the world of business, your credibility matters a lot. When you create an email address that is formal and on your domain name, your credibility increases automatically. Suppose by spending a few extra dollars every year, you can review your custom domain and your hosting and create a professional email address that you can give to your clients and vendors. In that case, that is undoubtedly a win-win situation.

Therefore, going with a custom domain email ID is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase your credibility.

3. Better personalization:

When creating an email address on your domain, you have quite a few options. You can use your first name, last name or a few numbers, date of birth, or just your first name.

It means that the options you get for personalization are much higher when creating an email address on your domain.

4. Easy organization:

Usually, when you’re using a Gmail email address, you might use it for personal contacts and business contacts.

If you have a custom email address on your domain, you are likely to use it for only business context. That way, organizing your email certainly becomes easier.

For casual conversations, you can keep a different email, and for formal conversations, you can keep the custom domain email address.

These are the advantages of creating a custom domain email address rather than using Gmail for everything.

We will now answer a few FAQs about creating an email address on your domain name so that you can understand more about the entire process.


Can I create an email with any domain?

Yes, you can create an email with any domain as long as you own it.
it’s as simple as it sounds, you aren’t even limited in which names you can use, it can be your name, admin, support, whatever you want!

Do you get an email address with a domain?

Once you host your domain with a hosting provider, you can create an email on your own. Usually, most hosting providers allow you the ability to create at least one if not more email address.


If you’re struggling to set up an email for your domain name, follow our guide above. Once you do so, it will be easy to create an email address and use it for professional and personal purposes. It might appear like a Herculean task, but merely following the step-by-step guide above can help you create an email address in no time.

We hope this tutorial about “how to set up an email for your domain name?” was helpful and feel free to comment if there are any more questions!.

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