How To Duplicate Any Page Or Post In WordPress?

How To Duplicate Any Page Or Post In WordPress

WordPress offers excellent control over your website. However, not all the functionalities of WordPress are inbuilt into the content management system. For example, when you want to duplicate any page or post in WordPress, it is not easy to understand how to do so.

Today, however, we will solve this problem for you. Whether you’re looking to duplicate a page in WordPress or a post, you can try out any of the methods we will highlight below.

How to duplicate any page or post in WordPress?

You can duplicate any page or post in WordPress by using different plugins like Yoast duplicate post, duplicate page, and post, post duplicator.

We will help you understand how to use all of these plugins below. You can choose between any of these methods to achieve duplication.

Method 1: Yoast Duplicate Post:

How To Duplicate Any Page Or Post In WordPress

Yoast duplicate post is one of the easiest ways to duplicate any page. To do so, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install the plugin:

Yoast duplicate post is a stand-alone plugin. You need to log in to your WordPress dashboard and thereafter install it as you would install a normal plugin and activate it thereafter.

Step 2: navigate to the post or page you want to duplicate:

Using the sidebar on the left, click all pages or all posts, depending on the type of content you want to duplicate.

Step 3: Hover over the post or page:

From the post or page list, hover your mouse over the page or post you want to duplicate. There, you can view two new options, which are clone and new draft.

Step 4: choose the appropriate option:

If you directly want to take the duplicate page or post live, you can opt for the clone option.

In case you want to tweak the duplicate page before taking it live, click the new draft option. It will not only duplicate the page or post but also open the editor for you to edit it before publishing the page or post.

The control Yoast duplicate post provides you over the cloned page or post is why this plugin is so popular.

Method 2: Duplicate Page and Post:

How To Duplicate Any Page Or Post In WordPress

The advantage of the pleated page and post plugin is that it clones the content without altering the content, title, style, or post type.

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin:

After logging in to your WordPress dashboard, install the plugin and activate it. Thereafter, navigate to all pages or posts, depending on the type of content you want to upload.

Step 2: duplicate the content you want:

When you hover over the post or the page you want to duplicate, a new option will appear below it by the name of duplicate. Click on it to duplicate the content.

Step 3: Edit it and take it live:

The cloned post or page that you have just duplicated will not go live directly. It will be available as a new draft. You have to open it, edit the content, and publish it.

Method 3: Post Duplicator:

How To Duplicate Any Page Or Post In WordPress

If you already use custom fields and taxonomies on your website and want to duplicate such a post or page, it is better to use the Post duplicator plugin. When you duplicate the content, it retains all the custom fields and taxonomies.

You need to keep in mind that this plugin allows you to set the status of the cloned content in advance. For the same, you need to go to the tools section and select a post duplicator. Through this page, you can set whether the cloned content is directly published or saved as a draft. It will allow you to control the post type and the post date of the cloned plugin.

Once you select the appropriate settings through this page and click save, you can easily move on to the next step.

Step 1: Activate the plugin:

After logging into the WordPress dashboard, you must search for the post duplicator plugin and install and activate it.

Step 2: navigate to the post or page section:

This plugin can help you duplicate a post as well as a page. You have to navigate to the respective section and place the mouse pointer over it. You can view the duplicate option below it. You have to click it, and you can clone the content easily.

Method 4: Duplicate page:

How To Duplicate Any Page Or Post In WordPress

Many of the above plugins will not work appropriately if you’re dealing with a custom post type. However, this plugin can help you clone custom post types, drafts, and even private posts.

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin:

Similar to other plugins, you have to install and activate the plugin.

Step 2: config the settings:

The duplicate page plugin allows you to configure the setting as to what data needs to be cloned and which data should be skipped when cloning a piece of content.

Step 3: navigate to the appropriate section:

Once you navigate to the page or the post you want to clone in the pages or the post section, you can view the duplicate button below those posts or pages when you hover your mouse over them. Click on the duplicate this option, and you can clone the content.

As you can see, most plugins have a similar procedure to follow when cloning the content.

Before you install any of these plugins, it is better to understand when it makes sense to duplicate a post or page.

When does it make sense to duplicate posts or pages?

There are many use cases for duplicate posts and pages. We will cover some of them below.

1. Minor tweaking in copy:

The pages or posts you have on your website often need only minor tweaking. In that case, creating the entire page from scratch is not a good idea, especially when dealing with multiple pages and posts.

It means that you can do so if you want to change the brand names, URLs, categories, or anything else before making it live. In this case, it is good to duplicate the pages or posts. Also, since most plugins allow you to clone the content as a draft, you can easily tweak them before taking them live.

That will make creating content for your website easily and save a lot of time in the process.

Even when dealing with hundreds of such pages or posts, you can hire a VA and provide him/her with a standard operating procedure, and they can clone the content for you. It will save a lot of time and effort when you just want to make minor tweaks to your posts and pages before republishing them.

2. Placeholder pages:

When trying to scale up your website, you might also have to create a lot of placeholder pages. These might be pages with coming soon or any other information about the product or your website. Once you have created such a page, you can easily clone the page or the post and change the URL to make it live. This will help you grow your site at a rapid pace without having to create similar pages again and again.

3. Legal pages:

You often need to create different privacy policies for different sections of your website. However, copy-pasting the entire formatting and content is not always a good idea as the formatting might break or something else might go wrong. In this case, cloning the page or the post is the perfect option for you. This will ensure that you have to make minor changes to the pages, and you can publish the legal pages and terms and conditions.

4. Custom posts:

If you truly want to scale your WordPress website, you need complete control over the post you publish. That is why many Webmasters often publish custom posts. These posts consist of a lot of formatting and a proper hierarchy and organization of the posts as well.

Simply copy-pasting the content won’t do in such cases as the formatting or coding might break. However, cloning or duplicating pages in WordPress is the perfect solution since you can then make the changes and take other custom posts to live.

These are just some applications for cloning a page or a post. We will now answer a few questions about such duplicated posts and pages to help you know more about them.


Can I duplicate a post or page in any language?

Yes, as long as your original post is in that language, you can easily duplicate the post or page even if it is in a foreign language.

Do the post duplication plugins work with any WordPress version?

Most post duplication plugins work with older WordPress versions as well. However, to be 100% sure, check the WordPress plugin’s description to understand when it was last updated and with which WordPress version it works best.


If up until now, you were struggling to duplicate any page or post on WordPress, using our guide above, you can choose between four different methods to do so. Once you know the right plugins, you won’t need much time or effort. All the plugins are trustworthy and work with the latest WordPress versions; therefore, the task of duplicating any page or post is almost seamless.

We hope this guide of “How To Duplicate Any Page Or Post In WordPress?” helped, you’re always welcome to ask any question in the comments 

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