DreamHost Review: why its an award winning hosting


Are you looking for a WordPress web host? DreamHost is one of the web hosting companies that WordPress endorses. 

Whether you require personal or business-related web hosting services, DreamHost has got you covered. This web hosting company offers shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud plans as well. If you are a blogger and now want to move beyond blogging, DreamHost is the one you should choose. It has got plenty of features to attract developers. Plus, by using the website building software of DreamHost, you can create flexible and engaging websites. 

DreamHost can launch cloud servers in a very short time. It supports applications like MongoDB and Ruby on Rails. There can be confusion when picking a web hosting company as the market is filled with many options.

Knowing that DreamHost is an award-winning web hosting company will solve this issue. Your business website cannot afford to be offline. DreamHost takes care of that with a guaranteed uptime of 100%. 

Features Of DreamHost

This WordPress web hosting company is enriched with a lot of features. You get unlimited bandwidth and storage for your websites. The biggest concern is security, and with DreamHost, your data is encrypted to avoid any mishappening. All the features of this web hosting company make your website secure and up. Have a look at some of them:

User Interface

The user interface of DreamHost is simple and well laid out. On the left side of your screen, you will see a tree of menus providing many options. You can select the option of managing domains, billing options, or whatever you are looking for.

With the website builder option, you can straight away start building your website. The website builder of DreamHost offers a variety of themes that you can use with a simple drag and drop option. You can add images and videos as well. You can also install third-party apps like Piwigo and Joomla. 

Great Uptime

In your web hosting experience, the uptime of your site is very crucial. Your clients will not be able to see your products or services if your website goes down. This will affect the reputation of your business and sales as well. You can use a website monitoring tool to measure the uptime of your site. DreamHost does not go down during the testing period as it is amazingly stable. So, if you want your sites to have a guaranteed uptime, DreamHost is the perfect choice for your business sites. 
DreamHost guarantees 100% uptime. if DreamHost won’t provide 100% uptime they will compensate and make up for it for their customers by returning 1 day of uptime per 1 hour of downtime


Security is a major concern while selling products or services online. If your consumers’ data get stolen then, your business will lose the confidence of its users. Your website should be protected so that the information of your consumers remains secure.

With DreamHost, your websites are encrypted to prevent malware attempts. This web host offers a free SSL certificate that is mandatory for you while offering your services online. The servers of Dreamhost are very much secured, and all the important data and information is encrypted. 

Excellent Customer Support

If you are facing any issues then, you can go to the database of DreamHost. It has got all the knowledge regarding any technical problems that may occur. If you do not find the solution to your problems from the database then, contact the customer support team.

DreamHost offers excellent customer support service through email and online chat as well. The chat support team is very responsive as you get your queries answered in a very short time.

The knowledgeable support team has got all the answers regarding your concerns. If you have contacted the support team through email then, you will be provided a link. The link leads you to the solution through step-by-step instructions. 

Hosting Services by DreamHost

DreamHost offers a variety of hosting services. These hosting services are tailored for WordPress, eCommerce, and business websites too. Have a look at these amazing hosting plans offered by DreamHost:

Shared Hosting Plan

If you are looking for a low-cost option then, shared hosting is the right choice for you. Keep one thing in mind: the shared hosting plan will only be suitable if you are running a small website. This plan only suits those sites that have less traffic. Your website will be sharing resources with other sites, which is clear from its name. You will get a free domain name, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth as well.  

VPS Hosting Plan

If you are running a large business such as an eCommerce store, VPS hosting is ideal for your website. You will have more traffic as compared to a small website. With a VPS hosting plan, you can manage the traffic in a better way. This hosting plan includes more resources without costing a higher price. You get a customized control panel, 8GB of RAM, and unlimited storage as well. 

Dedicated Hosting Plan

On a dedicated server, you do not need to share resources with other websites. This hosting plan is the perfect choice for large websites that are dealing with heavy traffic. However, a dedicated hosting plan is very expensive, but it is worth spending every penny. Your site enjoys unlimited bandwidth, RAM up to 64GB, and unlimited storage up to TBs. 

WordPress Hosting

With the WordPress hosting plan of DreamHost, your website will be completely optimized for blogs. Your website’s content management system gets updated automatically with this hosting plan, your site gets daily backup and specified security. You can install any plug-in that does not affect the performance of your website. DreamHost WordPress plan offers unlimited storage and monthly data transfers as well. 

Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting service of DreamHost is known as DreamCloud. With cloud hosting, you get cloud computing services and scalable storage as well. It allows you to deploy or customize your cloud servers, making it a better choice than a VPS server. Cloud hosting provides you scalable storage for your data which you can access at any time. 

Pros and Cons of Dreamhost

Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of Dreamhost:


Here are the pros of DreamHost:

  • Free site migration. 
  • 3-months money-back guarantee. 
  • Up to the standard security features. 
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Knowledgeable customer support. 


Have a look at the cons of DreamHost:

  • Customer support does not include a phone feature. 
  • There is an extra cost for some hosting features.

Pricing Plans

The picture below tells the prices of each plan that DreamHost offers:

Meta description

If you want to make your websites secure and fast, choose DreamHost as your web hosting company. 

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