CSS Hero Review: Easily Customize Your WordPress Design


Do you love to make your blog articles a little particular by editing some aspects without going through the hustle of writing code? CSS Hero is one plugin that easily allows you to make edits in blog design, typography, and adding images on WordPress.
CSS Hero is a diverse plugin with several features and versatile themes which is compatible with many devices. Here is our CSS Hero review of the plugin, its features, and the cost of applying it to WordPress blogs.

CSS made simple

CSS Hero allows bloggers to apply modern complex CSS styles to their sites without coding at all. It is a beautiful feature that saves a lot of time and energy for many people that don’t know how to code. It empowers digital marketers and online enthusiasts to save on paying for advanced skills, unlike other plugins. Some of these perks include advanced services gradients, 3D effects, box shadows, and text shadows.

Well-elaborated interface

The interface for CSS Hero is simple to understand and operate for beginners. The plugin allows users to undo and redo tasks without long time dragging and uses easy language that is fathomable to educated individuals. The Redo button by CSS Hero is a genius invention.
The feature allows beginners to browse through numerous edits and elements from their broad selection. It is perfect for bloggers to test many aspects for themselves before making a satisfying choice.

Plenty of convenient themes

If you are launching your blog and lack a diverse creative spec, CSS Hero has very beautiful presets for you. CSS Hero is versatile in presets and allows individuals to apply different ready-made styles with such simplicity. You can change your theme in just a matter of a click, unlike most hard-to-maneuver plugins.
CSS Hero has several buttons that enable personal customization different from other blogs. CSS Hero contains several sliders and controls which allow manipulation of every aspect. You can alter paddings, backgrounds, margins, borders with a simple click, and CSS Hero gives a small guide through each one.

Typography and fonts

The most fantastic thing you could do to any blog is use appealing texts to make it as exciting as possible. CSS Hero text properties are out of this world, with varied options for you to choose from. It contains up to 600 fonts, which you could add personal customized styles.
CSS Hero contains features that allow manipulation of font-weight, face, color, and size. The plugin also enables you to lay with innovative text features such as text aligning, line height, word spacing, and change transformations quickly. The plugin allows you to use both Google fonts and Typekit fonts as well.

Maximum diversity for all devices

CSS Hero is a very flexible plugin for editing as it is usable in any kind of device depending on the software that allows it. You are entitled to customize your website on a different machine at any location, which is very important for the busy culture in the current era.
CSS Hero allows you to test and preview websites by signing in to the same interface for any mobile and desktop device. The plugin will enable you to use all features for all the different devices, which is such a great convenience to work with.

Intelligent color picking

CSS Hero plugin gives WordPress bloggers a selection of classy, elegant color schemes which add a nice touch to their work. It allows you to play with color pallets that match or differ in terms of compatibility, all dependent on the user’s desires. How great is that?

Light footprint

CSS Hero is beautiful software that only occupies a lot of space when live. It has a light footprint design whose resources only appear when the feature is in use, without occupying huge space. The plugin will not drag the device or cause hanging, which most editors cannot brag about. You deserve lightweight applications for editing to save time.

CSS Hero Inspector

If you are an experienced CSS coder, the CSS Hero Inspector is a beautiful feature that allows you to double-check codes. It is an incorporated engine that will enable you to change queries to make a website more receptive.

CSS Hero Pricing

CSS Hero has a package for everyone in the market! The software has four plans from which you can choose and change depending on your preference. CSS Hero got discounts as well, which you should watch out for.


The basic license is an affordable plan which is very conducive for starters. The CSS Hero plan only allows you to use it on one website and access all its other features. It only costs $29 per year, which is an excellent place to start for beginners.


There is the upgraded small plan, which is pretty convenient as well. The personal license allows one to use on several WordPress sites, but only up to five sites. The program offers all features of CSS Hero and gives access to CSS Hero Inspector, which allows you to inspect codes. The license costs up to $59 per year.

Pro License

The pro license is a wonderful budget-friendly plan which offers so much within this package. At only $199 per year, the program allows access to up to 999 sites. The plan also gives access to CSS Hero inspector and priority support

Lifetime Pro License

The CSS Hero plan is such a discount for long-term bloggers since it is just, as it states, for a lifetime. With this plan, subscribers enjoy all Pro license benefits for a lifetime, free updates, and unlimited support for a lifetime. The plan costs $599, which is a worthy interest for a lifetime.

Conclusion of this CSS Hero review

CSS Hero is the dream plugin for all bloggers, which allows them to show their true personalities through their articles. The CSS Hero plugin is pretty affordable compared to the tasks it offers and one of the most lucrative investments anyone could ever make as a blogger.

we hope this CSS Hero review was helpful and if you got any more questions feel free to ask

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