Cloudways Review: pay as you go, but what it got to offer?


While searching for a web hosting provider these days, you will come across numerous options. The problem is that most web hosts cannot provide you with reliable hosting solutions.

One which you will often come across is Cloudways. While it has gained immense popularity in a short time but is it really good enough?  

Our Cloudways review today will help you find the answer

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is unique as compared to any other web hosting provider which you will find. The reason for the same is because it allows you to choose between different cloud hosting providers. With the help of its managed platform, you can easily determine the amount of resources you need and the provider you want to go with and, after that buy the hosting. 

In a way, it allows you to customize the resources you need and the provider you need to source these resources from. 

Now that you know what it has on offer, it is time to look at its history.

About Cloudways:

Cloudways has been around since 2009. Over the years, it has expanded to a team of more than 30 people. It currently serves 8000 customers across 43 countries as well.

With over 25,000 apps hosted on 12,000 servers, Cloudways got quite the reputation.

Cloudways features:

It is now time to look at the features of the hosting on offer by Cloudways

Free SSL

Irrespective of the package you choose or the provider you choose, you will get a free SSL with your hosting package.

The free SSL ensures that your website data will be encrypted. The visitors that come to your website will be entirely safe as well.

The SSL encryption also ensures you can thwart most of the attacks as well. That is why the level of security which you get on your website is excellent.

Pay as you go

Another advantage of Cloudways is that it allows you to construct your package. That way, you can decide the number of resources which you need and pay on an hourly basis.

As your website grows, you can increase the resources easily. Whether you want to scale up your package or scale down, you can do so.

You will only pay for the resources you have opted for. That is why there is no need to opt for a bigger package when you go with Cloudways.

This makes Cloudways much more economical as compared to other hosting providers.

Free migration

Cloudways also migrate your website for entirely free. The migration ensures that you won’t have to worry about doing anything other than sharing your hosting details with Cloudways. Whether you have a small 5-page website or a 500-page website, Cloudways will migrate the same for free. That way, you won’t have to worry about extended downtime or any other issue.

Round the clock support

When choosing a web hosting provider, the quality of support is pretty essential. If you do not have proper support, you will not be able to utilize hosting resources efficiently. With this hosting provider, you won’t face any such issue; the reason for the same is the 24/7/365 customer support they have on offer. You get live chat access as well. That way, if you have any questions or queries or facing any trouble, you can directly contact their support. They will provide you with a resolution in no time.

Managed hosting

Cloudways provides you with only managed hosting solutions. It means that if there is an issue with the hosting, the company will fix it themselves. You will not have to worry about hiring a programmer to resolve the issues.
You need to just inform them about the issue, and they will tackle it.

CDN included

If you want to ensure that your website loads quickly, you will, of course, need a CDN. CDN is a content delivery network. The good news is that Cloudways includes a free CDN in all its packages as well. Once you host your website with them, irrespective of the visitor’s location, you will be able to load up your website quickly. That way, you will no longer have to worry about your search engine rankings getting impacted because of a slow website.

Automated backups

The security of your website is of utmost importance. You need to choose a web host which can provide you with proper security. The advantage of Cloudways is that it has an automated backup generation facility. It means that if you lose your data due to server issues or due to hacking attempts, you will have the latest backup as well. You can quickly restore that backup and then use your website as usual.
With these features on offer, you cannot go wrong with Cloudways.
Now that you are aware of the features, it is time to look at the pricing.

Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways allows you to design your packages according to the resources which you need. The pricing for such packages is pretty affordable.  

In case you want to go with their predesigned packages, those are affordable as well. We will share with you a few examples of the same below.  

  • If you choose the digital option and just 1GB RAM and a 1 core processor along with 25 GB storage and 1 TB bandwidth, it will only cost you $10 per month or $0.0139 per hour.  
  • Another package with a digital option is 2GB RAM, 1 core processor, 50 GB storage, and 2 TB bandwidth will cost $22 per month or $0.0306 per hour.  

As you can see, the packages are pretty affordable. On top of that, the fact that you can design your packages also makes it a great hosting provider. 

Pros & Cons

We will now share the pros and cons of Cloudways to provide you with a clear picture.


  • Allows customization
  • Numerous cloud hosting providers to choose from
  • Managed hosting on offer
  • Excellent customer support
  • Credible track record


  • Some cloud hosting providers like AWS is a bit expensive

Final verdict

With so many things going for Cloudways, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with this web hosting provider. When you compare it with the other web hosting providers, you will realize that it is one of the best options you can go with. Since it offers you cloud hosting, you can be certain that the hosting is blazing fast and your website is secure. All in all, it is a web hosting provider which won’t disappoint you.

We hope this CloudWays review was helpful, if you got any questions please write them down and we’ll try our best to help

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