Beaver Builder Review: Actually The Best WordPress Page Builder?

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If you want to build a successful online business or even have an online presence for your offline business, creating proper pages on your website is a necessity.
The problem is that if you hire a designer to design every type of page, it can cost you a lot. It is time-consuming as well.
There are, however, a few plug-ins that allow you to design any page. One such plug-in is Beaver Builder.
Instead of going through trial and error to find the right plug-in, it is a much better idea to conduct some due diligence before choosing such a plug-in. Our Beaver Builder review today will help you know everything there is to know about this plug-in.

What is Beaver Builder?

recommended by GoDaddy, Liquid Web, and other huge names in the community. Beaver Builder is a plug-in that consists of a drag-and-drop interface to create any WordPress page.
The advantage is that you can build pages by dragging and dropping various elements. There is no coding knowledge required. Not only that, you can use it on your current WordPress theme, which makes it easy to create any page and take it live.
Since the WordPress platform is already user-friendly, this plug-in is also easy to use.
Now that you know what Beaver Builder does, it is time to look at its features.

Features of Beaver Builder

Here are the powerful features of beaver builder which will make website efficient and quick

Versatile plug-in

These days, corporate websites, small business owners, as well as, agencies use WordPress.
WordPress is even suitable for blogs and various other websites. Since this plug-in is ideal for WordPress and can design any page, freelancers, business owners, agencies, e-commerce owners, and everyone else can use this plug-in.
It means that you will not have to worry about any compatibility.
The versatility of this plug-in is one of the main reasons why you should go with this one.

Unlimited sites license

Once you buy this plug-in, you will not have to worry about any website limitations. You can install this plug-in on as many sites as you want.
It means that even if you have clients or own ten different websites, you can use this plug-in on all those websites.
It means that never again will you have to hire a web designer for designing any page. In the longer run, you will save hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars.
Not only that, you will save a lot of time as well.
The Unlimited site license certainly makes it much more lucrative.

Drag and drop interface

The number 1 reason why this plug-in has become so famous is that it has a drag-and-drop interface. You can easily drag and drop the elements which you want on the page.
With the help of the drag-and-drop interface, you can customize the page according to your requirement.
With numerous elements on offer, and there is no coding knowledge needed.
However, if you want to customize it, even more, you can do so easily.

Compatible with numerous themes and plug-ins

Usually, when using such plug-ins, you might have to change your WordPress theme. The problem is that changing the WordPress theme can mess up your entire website. You will have to spend hours setting up your website on the new WordPress theme. This is not convenient for any website owner.
The advantage of Beaver Builder is that it is compatible with numerous themes. That is why; there is no need to change your theme. You can simply install the plug-in and start designing the pages.
Along with that, it is compatible with various plug-ins. It means that whether you want to optimize your pages for SEO or wish to use any other plug-in in conjunction with the Beaver Builder, you can do so easily.
When that is the case, you can focus on creating the new pages rather than worry about compatibility.
This certainly makes it much more convenient than other page builders.

Mobile Optimized

The pages created through this plug-in are mobile responsive. They load fast and are user-friendly as well.
It means that you will not have to spend time separately to optimize those pages.
Once you design the pages, you can take them live and start using them immediately.
The overhead time which you need to invest in those pages is almost nil.

Aids creation of any site type

What type of pages do you want to create?
Using this plug-in, you can create any site and its pages like:

  • Blog
  • Membership site
  • Landing pages
  • e-commerce pages
  • And so on

The advantage of this plug-in is that you won’t have to worry about creating any site.
With so many features on offer, you cannot go wrong with Beaver Builder.
Before you make your decision, it is time to look at the pricing of Beaver Builder.

Pricing Plans

There are essentially three different plans for Beaver Builder. These include:

  • The standard plan will cost you $99 for the 1st year. It allows you to install the plug-in on unlimited websites and provide you with excellent support and access to templates.
  • The pro plan will cost you $199 for the year and, in addition to all the above features, provides you with the Beaver Builder theme as well as compatibility for WordPress multisite.
  • The agency plan will cost you $399 for the entire year and, in addition to the above features, allows you to white label the designs as well.

For the second year, you will be able to renew the plug-in at a 40% discount compared to the first year.
When you look at the pricing structure, you will realize that it offers excellent value for money. That is why in terms of pricing, you have nothing to worry about.

Is Beaver Builder suitable for you?

Beaver Builder is suitable for everyone who wants to create a website or an online business. The simplicity of this plug-in makes it a necessity rather than an optional plug-in. The fact that you can create any page makes it suitable for agency owners and individual website owners. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar business and want to create a website online, this plug-in is ideal for you.

Pros & Cons

Before you make the decision, take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Simple drag-and-drop interface
  • Access to templates
  • Value for money
  • Trusted plug-in
  • Compatible with various themes and plug-ins
  • Optimize the pages on offer


  • A bit overwhelming at the start

Conclusion of this Beaver Builder review

Beaver Builder does not disappoint you in any way. It does not matter the kind of page which you are trying to create; the plug-in can help you with that. The simplistic interface ensures that you need not have any coding knowledge for the same. The ability to take those pages live directly makes it even more lucrative. If you still haven’t decided about Beaver Builder, we recommend you go ahead with it.

We hope this Beaver Builder review was helpful and for any more questions feel free to comment

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