Barn2 Plugins Review: Are Their WordPress And WooCommerce Plugins Worth It?

barn2 review

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. Similarly, Woocommerce is the go-to solution for businesses that want to run e-commerce stores. Both these content management systems have become quite popular.

The efficiency of a content management system, however, depends on the plug-ins which you use. Plug-ins can easily increase the functionality. However, trying multiple plug-ins from multiple developers is not a good idea.

This is where Barn2 plugins come into the picture. It has developed various plug-ins for both these content management systems. However, is this plugin really useful?

That is what we will answer today.

Our barn2 plugins review will go into every aspect of the company and the plug-ins it offers. Therefore by the end of this article, you can decide whether you should go with these plug-ins or not.

What Is Barn2 Plugins

Barn2 plugins is a plugin development company. It develops various plug-ins for Woocommerce as well as WordPress. The functions of each of these plug-ins are different.

The company has been around for a decade or so. That is why, in terms of credibility, there is nothing to worry about.

Rather than considering it is a company, you have to look at the plug-ins which it offers. We will highlight not only those below but also their features to help you understand whether the plug-ins by this company are worth opting for or not.

Features of Barn2 Plugins

Once you look at the features of this plug-in development agency, it is easy to understand whether these plug-ins make sense for you or not.

Numerous popular WordPress and Woocommerce plugins

Once you look at the plug-ins on offer, you will realize that it offers many WordPress and Woocommerce plug-ins. The advantage of the same is that whichever kind of function you want to achieve, you can do so with the help of plug-ins on offer. You will not have to worry about contacting different developers or trying out plug-ins from other developers.

We will now shed some light on the most popular plug-ins by this company

· Woocommerce product table:

This plug-in will help you list the products in the form of a table layout. That is why, even if you’re selling hundreds of products, you will be able to display them accurately on your website

Woocommerce restaurant ordering

Do you run a restaurant?

If so, this Woocommerce plug-in will allow you to create an online food ordering system. That way, your customers will be able to order food from your website rather than other aggregator’s website. It can make a lot of difference to the bottom line of your restaurant.

Woocommerce wholesale pro

This plug-in is suitable for stores that are trying to sell in wholesale. That is why, if you sell products in bulk, this is a plug-in that you cannot miss out on.

· Woocommerce quick view pro:

Not always, your customers will browse through all the listings on your website. With the help of this plug-in, they need not. They can quickly get the essential information about the products through a user-friendly quick view lightbox. That way, they can add to the cart or browse through the details of the products without having to open the listing page.

Posts table pro

The advantage of this WordPress plug-in is that it allows you to list your content in the form of tables. That is why; you will be able to make the content more attractive easily.

You can create a document library, member directory, audio gallery, and various other types of tables with the help of this WordPress table plug-in. 

These aren’t all the plug-ins by this company. However, they are the most popular ones. As you can see, they can make a difference for your Woocommerce store or your WordPress website.

Excellent support

Another advantage of Barn2 plugins is that it offers you multiple support channels. These include:

  • It has a knowledge base of 200 articles.
  • It offers you hundreds of different tutorials. These let you know how you can best use the plug-ins.
  • Once you buy the plug-ins, you will have full customer support access as well. The customer support is responsive.

With this three-channel support, it is effortless for you to resolve your queries or your problems.

In-house development

Barn2 Plugins develops all the plug-ins in-house. That is why you can be sure that the code is uniform and fast as well. The in-house development also means that the new features are added consistently. It also ensures that the plug-ins are more trusted.

In a nutshell, the in-house development by the website certainly makes the plug-ins more lucrative and trustworthy.

Regular updates

One of the main advantages of this website is that the plug-ins receive regular updates. That is why, when a wide WordPress Woocommerce is updated, you will always find a compatible version of these plug-ins. Not only has that, but the updates add more features to the plug-ins as well. They make the plug-ins more secure.

In a nutshell, the problems which you usually face with other plug-ins are not witnessed when using plug-ins by Barn2 Plugins.

Lightweight plug-ins

The in-house development means that cord uniformity is maintained. That is why these plug-ins are not heavy at all.
Even if you install multiple of their plug-ins on your website, they hardly slow down your website. However, they can add to the functionality.
All these features of plug-ins by Barn2 Plugins certainly make these plug-ins quite useful.
Now it is time to look at the pricing to better understand whether they offer value for money.

Barn2 Plugins pricing

The good news is that Barn2 Plugins allows you to buy individual plug-ins. However, the real value comes when you buy the entire bundle.

The bundle pricing is as follows:

  • The premium WordPress bundle will cost you $139. It provides you with access to 4 premium WordPress plug-ins for a single site.
  • The premium Woocommerce package will cost you $479. It gives you access to 13 premium Woocommerce plug-ins as well as future plug-ins.
  • There is an all-access pass as well which costs $799. That provides you with access to all the plug-ins, and you can install them on 20 websites. There are 17 such plug-ins in total.

Thus, the real value is in the bundle pricing. When you take that into account, you will understand that it provides excellent value for money.

Is Barn2 Plugins suitable for you?

If you have a WordPress or a Woocommerce website or plan to start one, Barn2 Plugins plug-ins are a necessity for you. The reason for the same is that they can increase the functionality of your website manifold. Not only that, they can improve the user experience, which further makes these plug-ins necessary.

We will now summarize the pros and cons to help you understand more about these plug-ins.


  • Numerous plug-ins on offer
  • Excellent plug-in quality
  • Reliable developer
  • Credible track record
  • Great value for money
  • Regular updates


  •  Bit expensive when you need a single plugin only

Final verdict

Barn2 Plugins offers plug-ins that can undoubtedly make your life easier as a website developer. Not only that, it can enhance the user experience as well as the conversion rate. Keeping all these factors in mind, the plug-ins by this plugin development agency are worth opting for. We recommend you to go ahead with that in case you’re in 2 minds.

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  1. I just bought a plugin at Barn2 which crashes our shop. This can happen, but the support does not answer at all! No response, no sign of life, no reaction – nothing. I wrote about four to six queries via chat, support-email, form – nothing. So if you buy a plugin at Barn2 be sure to have the support contacted before you buy!

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