AliDropship Review: Really The Best Drop Shipping Plugin?


Time and again, it has been proven that drop shipping is a successful business model. However, it does involve a lot of work. You have to first worry about sourcing the products, then listing them in your store, after that, the ordering process once the customer places an order.

What if there was a plugin to automate all of that?

AliDropship claims to do that. However, rather than trusting your store with any plugin, it is better to go through our AliDropship review to find out whether it is worth installing or not.

What is AliDropship?

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin that automates many of the tasks involved in the dropshipping business. It works with Aliexpress to help you source the product data and automates the ordering process to a certain extent.

Now that you know the basic working of AliDropship, it is time to look at its features.

Features of AliDropship:

Only once you go through the features of AliDropship, will you truly understand what it offers.

Ability to import products from Aliexpress:

A dropshipping plugin must help you source the data from Aliexpress. This plugin doesn’t do just that. You can source the description, product title, images, and so on.
Since you can do that with a single click, it is effortless to populate your store. There are certain packs of products that are successfully selling on Aliexpress, and you can import these packs with a single click.
It can save your time and help you create a store in no time.

Editor control offered:

We understand that not always, you will want to publish the same data as on Aliexpress exactly. That is why the plugin offers you editorial control. If you wish to change the product description or any other detail of the product before making it live in your store, you can easily do so. That way, you have complete editorial control when the plugin is active on your website.

Synchronized data:

Aliexpress sellers can easily change the prices and various other details of the products in their store. However, if you were to constantly monitor them manually and then update them in your store, it would involve work hours. Rather than that, AliDropship offers you the option to synchronize the data from time to time. That way, whenever the seller updates the data, the same is updated in your store.

With this feature, it indeed becomes easy to keep your store up to date. You need not worry about your margin getting squeezed out due to changes made by the seller.

That is why this plugin can make it easy to run your store with minimal intervention.

Excellent customer support:

You will need to contact the customer support of this plugin. It can be due to some query or a term that you do not understand.

Fortunately, AliDropship offers excellent customer support. That is why, if you have any doubt before buying the plugin or even after, you can contact the support department and get it resolved right away. 

No limitations on product selection:

Aliexpress has over 1 million products listed on its store across various sellers. AliDropship does not limit the number of products you can import to your store. That is why, if you want to import hundreds of thousands of products to your e-commerce store, it can help you with that.

Since there is no limitation, you can explore different products, better understand how they are selling, and filter the products accordingly.

In a nutshell, there is no limitation on the number of products you can select and import to your store.

Woocommerce compatibility:

If you need the functionality of an e-commerce store, you will have to go with woocommerce along with WordPress. That is why a plugin that helps you with drop shipping should be compatible with woocommerce.

Fortunately, this one is compatible with woocommerce, and therefore, it becomes easier to import the products and create a proper e-commerce store.

Data analytics in a single dashboard:

To grow and optimize your store, it is necessary to keep track of sales, orders, traffic, and so on.
Integrating any third-party software is not an easy task. Moreover, you will have to share your store data using a third-party plugin.
With AliDropship, you will not have to take that risk. It provides you with a single dashboard from where you can view:

  • Traffic
  • orders
  • Sales
  • And other metrics

Since these are updated in real-time, you can easily keep a watch on your store, and if you’re running a campaign, you can optimize that campaign.

Numerous themes on offer:

We understand that you might have to customize the look of your e-commerce store. Fortunately, AliDropship offers you plenty of inbuilt themes. You can click and activate these themes in a few seconds. That way, customizing the store’s look is not going to be a problem either.
No need to search for themes from third-party sellers either. That is why there is no issue of compatibility either.

Ability to automatic pricing markup:

One of the main problems with drop shipping is that your margins can get squeezed if you do not list the product at the right price. It can also happen when the seller increases the selling price.
To help you combat this problem, AliDropship allows you to set up a pricing markup scheme. Once you set that up, the selling price of the product on your store will change automatically when the seller changes the selling price. That way, your margin will not be squeezed, and you can make the same profit without manually changing the price.

Automatic ordering:

One of the most cumbersome dropshipping processes is to place an order with the seller. However, once you get the order in your store, this plugin will allow you to place the order with a single click. You need not navigate to the seller’s page and place the order.
Since you can do so in a single click, the amount of time it will take you to order from the seller is minimal. That way, you can easily handle hundreds of orders.

Inbuilt image editor:

Images of the products have a significant impact on the conversion rate. That is why you might need to change the images to optimize the listing better.
Often, you might need to edit the images to hide the seller’s identity.
To do all of this and more, AliDropship offers you an inbuilt image editor. Using this image editor will make it easy to customize the images according to your requirement and increase the conversion rate.

Ability to create and issue coupons:

If you want to attract buyers to your stores, you will have to use issue discount coupons and market the same sooner than later. AliDropship allows you to do that. You can not only create coupons but also decide for how long they remain active.
Using these coupons is effortless to attract buyers to your store. That can indeed help you grow by leaps and bounds.

Ability to SEO-optimize listings:

You can only get organic traffic to your product listings if you optimize them. For the same, AliDropship allows you to add meta tags and optimize the product description.
With the help of various on-page optimization options available, it can become really easy to rank in the search engines. After that, the organic traffic will bring you a consistent trickle of sales.

Abandoned cart messaging:

To help you convert the visitors who have abandoned the cart, AliDropship offers you abandoned cart messaging. That way, you can reach out to those potential customers and make them shop again.

Compatibility with numerous payment gateways:

Alidropship allows you to integrate various payment processors like:

  • Paypal
  • 2CO
  • Stripe
  • And so on

With the help of easy integration with all of these payment processors, it is easy to accept payments and process the orders.
There are hardly any features that are missing in AliDropship. That is why, if you’re serious about drop shipping, you can go with this plugin.
Below, we will also highlight the pricing of this plugin to know more about it.

Pricing Plan:

AliDropship allows you to use its plugin in different ways. We will highlight all the pricing plans below to know more about the pricing structure.

  • Ready-made store:

Under this plan, AliDropship creates a store for you. There are three price points under this plan.

The basic store will cost you $299 in a one-time payment. The ultimate store will cost you $899 in a one-time payment.

  • Build your store:

In case you want to build your store with the help of AliDropship, they have that plan as well.

That plan will cost you $89.

  • Copy a successful store:

Under this plan, you will get a copy of a successful store already making a profit. Such stores can cost you anywhere from $200 up to $500.

Thus, the pricing of AliDropship depends on the type of plan you go with. However, the pricing is highly affordable considering the amount of effort into creating a store.

Whom is AliDropship suitable for?

Anyone who wants to make a decent profit using dropshipping needs AliDropship. That is why, if you’re in two minds regarding it, you should go for it.


  • No limit on sourcing products
  • Automatic ordering process
  • Easy to set price markup
  • Seo optimization options are available
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Synchronises data automatically
  • Prompt customer support
  • Compatible with woocommerce


Bit overwhelming initially

Final verdict:

AliDropship can help you make a profit as a drop shipper and make your life easier. Considering the numerous features it offers, it is great for anyone who wants to start a dropshipping store. That is why we recommend you go ahead with AliDropship.

We hope that this AliDropship review was helpful and if you got any questions, feel free to ask in the comments

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