A2 Hosting Review 2023: is it as fast as they say?


In this A2 Hosting review you will know about one of the best options out there for web hosting.

If you will look into the competition, you will find many web hosts in the market having their eyes on your money. To get the best web hosting service, you need to select a hosting provider that is worthy of your money. A2 hosting provides impressive packages, terrific customer support,and wonderful uptime so that your websites function properly
If you are having WordPress websites then, A2 hosting provider offers the extremely suitable plans. Let’s drive in and find out if A2 hosting is the right hosting provider for you. Here are the details of its features, prices, and pros & cons as well. 


The A2 hosting provider has many features to offer, just like any other hosting provider. It offers different hosting plans so you can choose according to the status of your website. You can choose a shared hosting plan if you are a beginner. The dedicated hosting plan will suit you if you are running a large website or more than one. Have a look at the features and products that the A2 hosting provider is offering:


The most significant element of web hosting is uptime. The site speed is very crucial for having better user engagement. If your site goes down, you can lose potential clients. Finding a reliable web host that can keep your website up and running. The A2 hosting has passed all the tests and has 99.9% Uptime Guarantee which is incredibly stable as far as uptime is concerned. 


Security is very vital when there are a lot of cyber threats. Having a secured site wins the customer’s confidence and protects your data from being hacked. An SSL certificate is required to go along with your online store. It encrypts the data so that you can have secured online transactions. A2 hosting provides free SSL certificate 

Domain names

With A2 hosting services you get domain names too with fair prices. You can purchase from extensions such as .com, .info, .org, and .net domains. The price for a domain name like .com will cost you $14.95 per year

Reseller program

If you want to get into the web hosting business without dealing with infrastructure. The reseller program of A2 hosting is what you can opt for. You can sell hosting plans to your clients. The reseller program of A2 hosting starts from $20 per month.

Customer support

Technical assistance can be needed anytime and the A2 hosting provider understands that. The Guru crew is available 24/7 to help the users if they need any. The Guru crew can be contacted through phone or live chat.

Money-back guaranteed

One of the most amazing things about A2 Hosting is that it offers a money-back guarantee. If you have used the services and you don’t think that they match your requirements. You get a complete refund if you cancel any subscription within 30 days. 

Hosting plans

Hosting plans are very helpful when you are running websites. The A2 hosting provider offers various hosting plans, these are explained below:

Shared Hosting Plan

  • If you have a low budget, you can still launch a site. The shared hosting plan from A2 hosting is the right choice for you to pick. Although, there will be other websites with you on the server to share resources. The plus point is that you will have to pay a lower fee and as a beginner, your site will not face any trouble the shared hosting plan start’s from 1.99$ per month. The renewal cost lies between $8.99 to $24.99 every month. The shared hosting plan is the right hosting plan for you unless your website has huge traffic on it.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

  • The A2 hosting provider also offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) The VPS hosting is also like shared hosting. Multiple sites are sharing the resources of one server. The difference is that the VPS hosting plan offers more resources on each site. It divides a server into sub servers. It means that you can configure it according to your needs. If you are looking for something better than shared hosting and do not have the budget for dedicated servers, VPS hosting plan from A2 hosting is your go-to choice. The price lies between $8.99 to $59.99 (depends if it’s a 1 or 3 year plan).

Cloud Hosting

  • Another amazing hosting service that the A2 hosting provider offers is Cloud hosting. It is a network of interconnected servers. It means that your website will not be hosted on one server. If you expect traffic peaks on your site, cloud hosting is the perfect plan for you. You can assign more resources according to your requirements. The starting price is $5 for a month with 512MB of RAM and 20GB of storage.

Dedicated Hosting

  • If you are looking for the most powerful web hosting servers then, dedicated hosting is what you are looking for. Your websites do not have to share any resources with other sites as the servers are dedicated only to them. You can easily handle large traffic when your sites are using a dedicated server. When you choose this hosting plan, you are having a complete server to host your project exclusively. This hosting plan is not cheap as it starts from $120 per month with A2 hosting.

Pricing plans of A2 hosting

A2 hosting provides monthly, yearly, 2-years, and 3-years hosting plans. The longer the plan you choose the cheaper the price you are charged with. Here are the prices of the plans that A2 hosting provider offers:

  • The starter plan allows for only 1 website and you get 100GB of storage. You get unmetered bandwidth but it does not come with the ability to restore backups. It costs $6.99 per month.
  • The drive tier provides unlimited storage and you can host many websites. This plan also enables backup restore features. It costs $8.99 per month.
  • The turbo boost package of A2 hosting is famous for its higher performance. Your sites will have fewer caching options and neighbors. You get unlimited bandwidth with 2GB of RAM at $14.99 per month. 
  • The fourth plan is known as turbo max. It provides resources that are 2x of turbo boost. You get unlimited bandwidth, 2GB of Ram, and 2 cores. It costs you $19.99 per month. 
  • There are a bunch of add-ons that you can purchase too. These include paid SSL certificates, Cloudflare, and spam filters. 

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A2 is the most competitive hosting provider among many. It is an efficient and outstanding web hosting provider that offers all the hosting services you need.
We hope this A2 Hosting review was helpful.

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